The More the Merrier Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Why Did You Not Tell Me

No one would dare to hire them if Graham Group fired them.

“I’m sorry, Ms. York. I didn’t mean to slander you. Please forgive me. I can’t lose this job. I have to a huge amount of loan to pay every month!”

“Ms. York, Mrs. Graham, please forgive me. I can’t lose this job either.”

Arissa pursed her lips. She didn’t pity them for ending up in the situation that they were in now. They were mean for publicly slandering her.

Benjamin’s eyes were fierce. He scanned the surroundings before shouting, “Get lost!”

No one dared to step forward.

Benjamin grabbed Arissa, and they left. Both of them ignored the women’s apologies.

They were tempting fate when they bullied Arissa under my eyes!

As for Ethen, he stayed behind to continue investigating the incident.

“Why didn’t you tell me that someone bullied you?” Benjamin questioned.

Arissa looked at him. When she noticed the frown and frustration on Benjamin’s face, she reached out and caressed his brows. “I can handle it myself.”

“Can you do that? They have cornered you!” Benjamin glared at her.

Arissa lowered her head, mumbling, “They won’t gain an upper hand. I’m strong enough.”

Benjamin sneered. He wasn’t livid at her, though. “The audacity of these people in spreading such rumors in my company!”

He pulled Arissa into the elevator, checking her all over after the door shut.

Arissa tried to avoid Benjamin’s hand, which was all over her body. She blushed. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t move. I’m trying to see whether you are hurt or not,” scolded Benjamin.

Arissa blinked. “I told you I wasn’t hurt.”

Benjamin wanted to see it for himself so that he could feel at ease. He insisted, “Let me check!”

Arissa’s face burned bright. She reminded him in a low voice, “Benjamin, we are in an elevator!”

An unknown emotion flashed across Benjamin’s eyes as he stared at Arissa’s blushing face. The man proceeded to tidy up Arissa’s clothes.

Once the elevator door opened, he pulled her quickly toward the lounge.

Arissa was speechless. “I’m fine!”

Benjamin didn’t listen to her. He pulled up her clothes to check on her body. The man was relieved when he noticed no visible wound on Arissa.

Arissa was touched and shy at the same time. She peered at the man. “I told you I’m not hurt!”

Benjamin’s gaze was piercing as he suppressed the urge in him. He tidied Arissa’s clothes calmly. “Yeap. You looked okay. Have you eaten?”

“I took a few bites.” Arissa gazed at Benjamin. “Have you not eaten yet?”

Arissa was still starving. After all, her mood was affected by the commotion in the cafeteria.

“Yes. Rest up. I’ll get someone to send us some food,” Benjamin offered. Then, he turned and left the lounge.

The man ordered food before he went and checked out the cafeteria’s surveillance cameras with a scowl on his face.

Ethen completed the investigation before Benjamin and Arissa’s food was delivered. He reported, “Mr. Graham, I found out that it was the staff from the administration department who started the rumors first.”

“What is the reason behind it?” Benjamin narrowed his eyes.

“She was jealous when she saw the black card in Mrs. Graham’s bag, so she decided to slander Mrs. Graham,” Ethen said as he threw cautious looks at Benjamin.

Benjamin sneered, “She went through Arissa’s bag?”

“I’ve looked at the surveillance cameras in Mrs. Graham’s office. She did touch Mrs. Graham’s bag.” Ethen looked at Benjamin. “I’ve brought her here. Mr. Graham, what should we do with her?”

Arissa came out when she heard the news. She was curious about the person behind all of this. “Who is the mastermind?”

Ethen gazed at her. Before he could speak, Benjamin ordered as he leaned against his chair with an imposing aura. “Bring her in!”

Then, he turned his head sideways and told Arissa, “Stand next to me.”

Arissa peered at the man before walking over. When she went near Benjamin, he took her hand before playing with it.

Arissa was flummoxed by his action.

After that, Ethen brought the woman in.

The woman lowered her head guiltily when her gaze met with Benjamin’s and Arissa’s.

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