The More the Merrier Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Arissa Is Mrs Graham

Benjamin and Ethen hurried over to the cafeteria. When Benjamin saw the crowd surrounding Arissa, his expression darkened. He was worried that Arissa might get injured. “Mr. Graham!”

“Mr. Graham…” The staff watching the chaos noticed something amiss—Benjamin’s imposing aura. They turned around, only to be frightened by the sight of him. Then, they quickly retreated to the side.

Meanwhile, Arissa was standing in the center of the crowd. When Benjamin spotted her, his eyes gave Arissa’s body a once-over before walking over to her in a cold manner.

Arissa was not wounded, though. The two women beside her were in a much dire situation. They were terrified when they saw Benjamin.

“Mr… Mr. Graham!” The two women had tried a few times to get themselves up from the floor but to no avail. Frightened by the murderous look in Benjamin’s eyes, they fell back onto their butt again.

The women glared at Arissa. They had never expected Arissa to be so strong, making it hard for both of them to even touch her. Instead, both of them were beaten up by Arissa in the process.

When the women saw Benjamin walking over to Arissa with a darkened expression, excitement began building up in them again.

Mr. Graham dislikes it when people start a fight and cause chaos. I’m sure he is going to fire Arissa now!

Unfortunately, they were disappointed by the turn of events as Benjamin stopped before Arissa, holding her hands. “Honey, are you injured?”

Gasps were heard all over the cafeteria the moment Benjamin opened his mouth. At that moment, only one thought ran through the crowd’s minds.

Arissa is Mrs. Graham!

Meanwhile, the apprehensiveness Arissa felt dissipated when she saw the concern in Benjamin’s eyes.

Initially, she thought Benjamin would scold her for creating a mess in the company because she saw the solemn expression on his face. Unexpectedly, he was just worried about her.

“I’m not hurt. They are the ones who are wounded.” Arissa shook her head.

Benjamin’s eyes lingered on Arissa for a long time before he turned to the other two women, who were dumbfounded.

They sat on the floor with their arms folded. It seemed like their limbs were fractured.

The onlookers were surprised by the scene. Not only was Benjamin not pissed off, but he even showed concern for Arissa. At that moment, fear crept up in those people who had scolded and talked badly about Arissa earlier.

“What’s going on?” Benjamin flashed a contemptuous gaze at the two women on the ground.

The women’s faces changed drastically. They shot timid looks at Benjamin.

Ethen scanned the onlookers. “What happened? Speak up if you know something.”

Those who didn’t know what happened had nothing to say, while those who spoke badly of Arissa earlier kept mum.

On the other hand, the people from the IT department started giving a full account of what happened.

“These two didn’t hold back when they slander Ms. York. They said she is someone’s sugar baby.”

“They scolded Ms. York for being shameless.”

“They even said that Ms. York wore her ring to show off.”

Benjamin narrowed his eyes as an imposing aura slowly emitted from his body.

All that was left in the cafeteria was dead silence.

Ethen didn’t expect how wild those women’s imaginations could run. Holy shit! What the hell were they thinking?

They are so imaginative and bold. How dare they say Mrs. Graham is someone’s mistress?

“Who spread those rumors?” Ethen asked.

The two women had a bad feeling about the situation. They trembled as they pointed at the person who told them the rumors.

The person shook her head. “I didn’t start the rumors. It was her!”

Benjamin’s expression became grimmer by the second after a round of investigation.

He took Arissa’s hand and entwined his fingers with hers. Unnerved by Benjamin’s move, Arissa looked at him uneasily.

“Arissa is my wife. Why would she become someone’s mistress?”

No one said a word. Everyone was stunned by Benjamin’s announcement. They just stared at Arissa for they were too shocked. These people couldn’t regain their composure after hearing that Arissa was indeed Benjamin’s wife.

The person who spread the rumors knew she was in big trouble. She regretted spreading something she heard on the grapevine.

Meanwhile, the two women who hit Arissa looked as pale as a sheet.

“Ethen, dig out the people behind these rumors!” Benjamin instructed, “As for these people, I don’t want to see them ever again!”

“Noted, Mr. Graham.” Ethen nodded. He turned and ordered those people coldly, “Go get your belongings and leave the company now.”

Everyone was terrified. They immediately began to beg for mercy.

“I was wrong, Mr. Graham. I won’t do it again!”

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