The More the Merrier Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Arissa Was Beaten Up

As Benjamin didn’t call for Arissa to eat lunch with him, she went to the company’s cafeteria for lunch with her colleagues.

At first, she didn’t notice anything unusual. She thought everyone was just curious about a newcomer like her. After all, she didn’t show up for lunch at the cafeteria frequently.

However, Arissa began to feel strange after she caught a few people staring at her. They were whispering to themselves. How they looked at her wasn’t typical of how one would look at their new colleague, as there were disdain and mockery on their faces.

Arissa frowned. She had no way of finding out what was going on because she couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

At that moment, two women sat down on the table behind her. It seemed like they had increased the volume of their voices intentionally.

“Shameless woman. She is just a mistress, yet she is out here showing off like no one else could afford the ring she is wearing.”

“Why does our company hire anyone at will? She will affect the company image!”

“I wonder who her backer is. She had just joined our company, yet she always skipped work. Our boss doesn’t scold her for it too. It seems like someone powerful is backing her!”

Arissa furrowed her brows. She had a feeling these people were talking behind her back.

I’m not being sensitive. These people are too bold. Wow, the way they looked at me is like they want me to know that they are talking about me.

“The most important thing is that the IT department treats her like she is their sweetheart. The men in the IT department treat her so well merely because she is one of the few females there. I don’t know what they see in her.”

Everything those women said most certainly pointed toward Arissa. She just narrowed her eyes.

Meanwhile, her colleagues were angry. They thought they were listening in on gossip that was unrelated to them. Little did they expect these two women to slander Arissa.

“What nonsense are you two spewing? You’ve gone overboard!”

“What are you two blabbering on about? Where are your manners?”

“Who told you guys that our boss is someone’s mistress? How dare you guys believe and spread such a rumor?”

Arissa stood up and put a stop to their rants. She turned and looked at the two women from another department. “Do you know what the consequences of gossiping about others are?” Arissa sneered as a fierce glint appeared in her eyes. “It is a mistake on Graham Group’s part to hire you two.”

One of the women stood up, retorting, “Are you threatening us?”

“Threatening you? You guys slander me publicly. I can sue you guys for defamation, as you two have ruined my reputation.” Arissa’s gaze was icy as she spoke.

The woman was stunned. She retaliated, “What do you mean by slander? We are speaking the truth.”

Arissa’s lips curled into an aloof smile. “Tell me then. Who is my sugar daddy? Did you see it with your own eyes?”

The woman was caught off-guard. She, too, had heard the rumor from someone else.

Another woman stared at Arissa with disdain. “Everyone said that you are a mistress. We were just discussing it. Do you really want to sue us for it?”

Arissa raised her hand and hit each of the women across their faces.

Slap! Slap!

Two loud slaps were heard.

The women’s faces immediately became swollen as the entire cafeteria fell silent. The crowd turned and looked at the commotion.

“B*tch! I’ll beat you to death!”

“Beat the shit out of her!”

Snapping back to their senses, the two women shouted as they rushed over to Arissa.

The quiet cafeteria immediately exploded into chaos.

“They are fighting! Someone is fighting!”

“Mr. Frank, there’s a fight!”

Ethen’s face darkened when he received the call. “Who are the people involved?”

Are these people bored out of their minds? Why can’t they just behave? Why do they have to create trouble?”

“Two staff from the production department got into a fight with the newly-recruited Ms. York from the IT department!”

Ethen’s face clouded over. He screamed, “Protect Ms. York. I will end you if she gets hurt!”

How can someone bully Mrs. Graham in the office!

Ethen didn’t have time to ponder about this. He quickly ran into the conference room. The man paused when he saw Benjamin sitting in the middle. He took a deep breath to pick up enough courage to report the situation to Benjamin.

I have to report this to Mr. Graham now. If not, the others would bully Mrs. Graham badly.

Ethen leaned in and whispered into Benjamin’s ear. “Mr. Graham, Mrs. Graham was hit by someone in the cafeteria.”

A vicious glint flashed across Benjamin’s eyes. He stood up and fumed, “What did you say?”

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