The More the Merrier Chapter 925

Chapter 925 Necktie

Sensing his ulterior motive, she refused without hesitation, “No!” Benjamin stared at her crimson face intently and helped tidy her clothes.

“Wait a short while before you go down.” Arissa watched him warily. He lifted his hand to pinch her cheek. “It’s rather improper for others to see your current appearance.”

He didn’t want others to lay their eyes upon her captivating look at that moment. “What about my appearance?” she asked while rearranging her clothes.

Benjamin leaned forward and whispered beside her ears, “The appearance that makes me want to kiss you.”

Arissa instantly felt her cheeks burning.

He gently nipped her face. “Have some water and wait for a little longer before going downstairs.”

She looked at him and nodded. “I got it.”

Benjamin held her hand, led her to the side of the office table, and poured her a glass of water.

“Thank you.” She received the glass and took a few sips of water.

Right after she placed down the glass, Benjamin picked it up and gulped the content.

Arissa stared at him incredulously.

His gaze flickered before resting on her. “What’s the matter? Am I not allowed to drink from your glass?”

Benjamin seemed to have deliberately lowered the tone of voice, causing his voice to sound more seductive.

Heart racing, she uttered with a smile, “Don’t you think that’s unhygienic?”

He fixed his eyes on her in silence and proceeded to glance at her mouth in an obvious manner.

Arissa immediately felt as if she had just been teased by him again.

Forget it. I’ll just act like I’ve never asked that question.

He poured her another glass of water and suddenly leaned over in her direction.

She thought he wanted to kiss her again, so she hurriedly tilted backward. “Don’t you have a meeting to attend?”

His eyes twinkled in response.

“Help me straighten my necktie.”

The corner of Arissa’s mouth twitched while she helped him adjust and straighten his necktie.

“All done.”

Benjamin’s thin lips curled up slightly as contentment filled his chest.

“Wait for a while before you go to your office,” he reminded her again.

“I got it.” She glanced at him.

He patted her head affectionately before turning around and leaving the room.

Arissa let out a sigh of relief. She could finally breathe normally following his departure.

She retrieved the glass and slowly sipped on the water while recomposing herself after experiencing his debauching.

Arissa lingered in Benjamin’s office for a few more minutes before returning to her workstation.

Ethen had already helped her distribute the candies.

Everyone thanked her right after she stepped into the department’s office.

“Ms. York, we’ve received your wedding favors. The candies are very delicious!”

“Ms. York, your wedding favors have been well received. Thank you for the sweet gesture.”

“Thanks for the wedding favors, Ms. York!”

Arissa grinned. “I’m glad all of you like the candies. I made a promise to you all, didn’t I? If any of you gets married in the future, I’ll expect to receive something in return too.”

“No problem!”


Everyone replied cheerfully.

Arissa smiled. Noticing a considerable amount of snacks left, she said, “There’s still a lot left, so help yourselves.”

“Thank you, Ms. York!”

Arissa grabbed some candies as well before entering her office.

She sat down, unwrapped one of the candies, and placed it in her mouth.

The sweetness of the candy on her tongue resonated with the sweetness brimming in her heart.

It does feel different having this candy.

After luxuriating in the joyous moment for a short while, she switched on her computer and started to work.

Meanwhile, outside her office, a few of her colleagues began gossiping.

“Did you all notice the huge diamond ring Ms. York is wearing today?”

“I saw it when the diamond gleamed just now. I don’t think she wore the ring yesterday.”

“Didn’t Ms. York register her marriage yesterday? Why is she wearing the ring today and not the day before?”

“Does it matter when she puts on the ring? It’s the same, isn’t it? Perhaps she didn’t wear the ring because she was afraid we would know, but we’re already aware of her marriage with Mr. Graham. Therefore, it doesn’t make a difference whether she puts the ring on or not.”

“Yes. That makes sense. Still, is it possible that Mr. Graham didn’t give Ms. York a ring in time yesterday?”

“That’s impossible. Are you saying Mr. Graham got married without preparing a ring in advance?”

Despite the heated discussion taking place outside her office, Arissa was not disturbed by the noise at all.

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