The More the Merrier Chapter 923

Chapter 923 We Want Candies Too

“Put it on later!” Benjamin reminded.

Glancing at the man, Arissa nodded. “Got it!”

Benjamin stared at her fixedly, the look in his eyes indecipherable.

Sensing his gaze, Arissa swung her eyes over and met his unfathomable gaze.

In no time, she averted her gaze.

At her shyness, Benjamin’s thin lips lifted a fraction.

Picking up his fork, he took some food for her.

“Eat more.”


Arissa busied herself eating.

Meanwhile, the children and Edwin’s gazes alighted on them every so often. The children were all delighted to see Benjamin taking food for Arissa. Hmm… He takes good care of Mommy.

After breakfast, Arissa went upstairs to freshen up. When she was just about to leave, she abruptly remembered her ring.

Quickly making her way back, she snagged the ring on the bedside table and put it on.

The children and Benjamin were waiting outside, so she hurriedly trotted out.

“I’m done!”

Benjamin scanned his eyes over her, his gaze alighting on her hand.

“Your ring?”

Torn between amusement and exasperation, Arissa lifted her hand and showed it to him. “I’ve put it on!”

Benjamin stroked her head. “Don’t lose it.”

Chuckling speechlessly, Arissa concurred, “Got it!”

“Get in the car, kids!” Benjamin hollered at the children.

Shouldering their bags, all six children queued up to get into the car.

At the sight of their adorable expressions, Arissa melted into a puddle, defeated by their cuteness.

“After getting into the car, take off your bags and put them aside. Then, settle in,” she instructed.

As soon as the children had gotten into the car, they all took off their bags and placed them aside before quickly settling into their seats.

“Buckle your seatbelts!” Benjamin ordered.

Noticing that Jesse couldn’t buckle her seatbelt even after tugging at it for some time, he leaned in and did it for her.

“Insert the buckle here, Jesse.”

“Thank you, Mr. Graham!” Jesse murmured.

In response, Benjamin caressed her head indulgently. “You’re welcome.”

Sneaking a look at her father, Jesse giggled happily.

Subsequently, Benjamin checked the seatbelts of the rest of the children.

Only when he had ascertained that they were all buckled in properly did he close the car door.

“Get into the car.”

Throwing a glance at Arissa, he opened the passenger door and jerked his chin slightly, motioning for her to climb in.

Arissa hurriedly got into the car and fastened her seatbelt.

Seeing that she was all settled in, Benjamin closed the car door. After doing all that, he circled over to the driver’s seat.

Out of the blue, Arissa remembered the promise she made to her colleagues yesterday. She gasped softly.

“What’s wrong?” Benjamin turned and looked at her.

Arissa flashed him a sheepish smile. “I promised my colleagues yesterday I’d bring wedding favors for them. I forgot all about it.”

Benjamin chuckled lightly. And here I was, thinking it was something grave.

“I’ll have Ethen prepare them.”

Eyeing the man who was driving, Arissa suggested, “Let’s not bother Mr. Frank. I’ll simply buy some candies when we drive past a supermarket.”

At that, Benjamin glanced at her through the rearview mirror. “There’s no time for that. I’ve still got a meeting this morning.”

“Oh, I see!” Arissa hadn’t been notified of any meeting, but she knew that he was busy.

“I’ll have Ethen prepare them, and you can distribute them straight away when we arrive at the office.” Benjamin made the final decision.

Having no other choice, Arissa relented.

“Are you preparing wedding favors, Mommy?”

Zachary regarded Arissa curiously.

Arissa turned back to look at him. “Yup!”

“Mommy, we also want some candies too!”

Jasper grinned, salivating over that mere thought.

“Hadn’t the lot of you had enough last night?”

Smiling, Arissa eyed the children.

The children shook their heads with merriment dancing in their eyes. “Nope! You didn’t buy those!”

Arissa was promptly struck dumb.

They didn’t count because I didn’t buy them?

“But I can’t buy them now either. What should we do, then?” she teased.

“Mommy, you can bring us to the supermarket and buy them after school!” Anticipation was written all over Jesse’s face.

“What a little glutton!” Arissa quipped with a chuckle.

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