The More the Merrier Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Where Is Your Ring

Benjamin stole a peek at Arissa, only to be amused at her sheer apprehension. “Not bad.” Arissa glanced at him. “Don’t force yourself if you’re not used to the taste.”

Sweeping his gaze over her, Benjamin took the soup in front of her away and continued eating. “You’re having Mommy’s soup, Mr. Graham,” Jesse muttered under her breath even as she sneaked a look at the man.

“You stole my mommy’s soup, Mr. Graham!” Jasper reproached with a snort. Benjamin scanned his eyes over the children. “Eat quietly!” The children stuck their tongues out before lowering their heads and continuing to eat their soup.

Seeing that he didn’t mind having her soup, Arissa snagged a bowl and took another serving for herself. She then started having it as well.

“If you’re not used to eating the offal and tripe inside, Daddy, you can give them to Tim!” Gavin said to Benjamin. Benjamin pinned his gaze on Tim. “You like eating those things, Tim?”

In response, Tim flashed him a smile. “Yup! But you don’t need to give them to me, Mr. Graham. I’ve still got a lot.”

With his lips curving upward a fraction, Benjamin picked the offal and tripes out of the soup. He gave all six children some.

“Hehe, thank you, Mr. Graham!”

Jasper grinned widely. He then continued, “Is there more?”

Stirring the soup, Benjamin took a piece of offal out. “Here!”

Jasper swiftly held his bowl out. Without warning, Benjamin pulled his hand back. “Call me Daddy!”

Jasper stared at him, his eyes darting all around before he harrumphed.

“You want to dupe me into calling you Daddy with just a piece of offal? Forget it!”

Benjamin quirked his brow slightly, contented with that address of “Daddy.”

In the end, he still gave Jasper the piece of offal.

Watching the interaction between them, Arissa told the children, “There’s still more in the pot. I’ll take more for you all when you’ve finished eating.”

“Okay!” The children all beamed in jubilance.

Jesse and Jasper ate the fastest.

Getting to her feet, Arissa took their bowls and scooped another serving for them. Next, it was Oliver, Tim, Zachary, and Gavin.

“Eat some with us, Edwin!” Arissa urged when she saw Edwin coming out with more food.

However, Edwin merely chuckled. “You all go ahead first, Mrs. Graham. I’ll eat in a while.”

“This soup is pretty good. I’ll take a bowl for you,” Arissa declared smilingly.

Snagging a bowl, she took some for Edwin.

“Don’t give me so much, Mrs. Graham!”

Verily, Edwin was flattered beyond words.

“There’s some more!”

Arissa turned to hand it to him, upon which he hurriedly took it.

“Sit down and eat with us!” Benjamin interjected.

“At once, Mr. Graham!” Edwin sat down beside the children.

At that moment, there were quite a lot of finger foods on the dining table.

The children ate the finger foods while eating the soup, their tiny mouth stuffed full.

Arissa also took some finger foods for them from time to time.

When she noticed that Benjamin had finished the soup, she took his bowl to get him another serving.

“I’ve had enough. You all go ahead.”

Benjamin hastily stopped her from doing so, for even a bowl was considered a lot for him.

“You don’t want more?”

Arissa eyed him.


In turn, Benjamin threw her a look. By the time he finished his sandwiches, he was full.

As Arissa enjoyed the finger foods, her gaze kept going to the man. Unexpectedly, she saw him wiping his mouth.

“You’re full?”

Benjamin nodded. “Yeah.”

Following that, Arissa had no choice but to speed up.

His gaze flickering, Benjamin fixated his eyes on her. “Go slower! I’ll wait for you!”

Arissa’s heartbeat accelerated. “Got it!”

All the while, the children had their eyes on them. Suddenly, Gavin asked, “Are we going to visit Grandaunt, Daddy?”

Benjamin swept a glance over him. “Hurry up if you want to go to the hospital.”

Immediately, all six children sped up.

Even Arissa ate faster.

Clocking the lack of a ring on her finger, Benjamin narrowed his eyes.

“Where is your ring?”

Meeting his dark gaze, Arissa explained, “I was worried that I’d dirty it, so I took it off.”

After all, wearing a ring wasn’t conducive to performing house chores.

The furrow of Benjamin’s brows eased slightly. Phew! I thought she didn’t like it.

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