The More the Merrier Chapter 920

Chapter 920 What Is This Snail

Arissa then added some parsley roots. Thereafter, the smell became even more fragrant. “How fragrant!”

Inhaling deeply, Jesse salivated. All the children leaned against the door frame, salivating in hunger. Arissa jerked her head around and swept a gaze over them.

“Go and sit down, Sweethearts. The soup will be ready soon!” Utterly thrilled, the children nodded fervently. They tarried for a while before trotting back to their seats.

Sometime later, Arissa tried a sip of the soup. Undeniably, Benjamin added just the perfect amount of seasoning!

She stirred it a few times before adding some chopped celery. Then, she turned off the heat.


Benjamin eyed the soup in the pot. Other than the soup, he didn’t like any of the ingredients in it.

Glimpsing the man’s frown, Edwin stifled a bark of laughter.

“I’m done frying the ham, Mr. Graham.”

Glancing at the semi-finished food at the side, Benjamin murmured in acknowledgment before he continued preparing something else for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Arissa carried the pot out.

“Wait for a while, Sweethearts. It’s still very hot.”

“Got it, Mommy!”

All six children bobbed their heads obediently. They sat in their seats quietly, none of them clamoring for food.

Smiling, Arissa swept her gaze over them. Then, she spun around and went to retrieve some bowls and spoons.

“Let’s have breakfast, Mr. Graham!” she called out to Benjamin with the silverware in hand.

“Go ahead and eat with the kids first.”

Benjamin shot her a glare.

Mirth bubbled within Arissa. “You really don’t want to eat?”

“Nope!” Pursing his lips, Benjamin continued frying some eggs.

At that, Arissa curled her lips. He’s simply missing out on this delicious feast!

“What’s this snail, Gavin?”

When Tim spotted some snails in the pot, his eyes went wide in incredulity.

“That’s tripe. It’s delish!” Gavin answered.

Understanding dawned upon Tim, and he muttered, “I thought a snail fell in.”

Hearing that, Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper burst out laughing.

Arissa happened to overhear her son’s adorable remark as she exited the kitchen. She couldn’t help giggling.

“This is delicious, Sweetheart. It only looks unappetizing.”

Smiling shyly, Tim folded his hands on the dining table as though he was in the classroom.

Arissa’s heart melted at how adorable he was.

Snagging the bowls, she scooped six bowls of soup and placed them before each child, from Gavin to Jesse.

“It’s hot, so be careful and eat slowly, Sweethearts.”

“Okay! Thank you, Mommy!” The children thanked her while beaming from ear to ear.

At the sight of the joyful smiles on their faces, the corners of Arissa’s mouth lifted.

She also scooped a bowl of soup for herself. After doing so, she sat down and ate with them.

“Is Mr. Graham not eating, Mommy?”

Zachary cast his gaze over at the kitchen.

“Your daddy probably doesn’t like this,” Arissa replied with a smile.

All six children acted in unison. They scooped a spoonful of soup and blew on it before cautiously drinking it.

Oliver and Jasper flashed Arissa a thumbs-up. “It’s great, Mommy!”

In return, Arissa smiled at them.

“Yes, it’s yummy!”

Jesse’s eyes twinkled, and she smacked her lips.

Even Tim and Zachary offered their compliments. “It’s delicious, Mommy!”

Taking a sip, Gavin grinned widely. “Your soup is really delish, Mommy!”

Pride washed over Arissa when she saw that all the children liked it. “It was your daddy who added the seasoning just now.”

“If it weren’t for the ingredients you added, Mommy, it wouldn’t possibly taste so great!”

Jasper still felt it was the ingredients his mother prepared that were delicious.

As he spoke, he swiftly drank a few spoonfuls of soup.

Tim tried the tripe and found it to be very much chewy.

“This is really yummy!”

It was his first time eating tripe.

Seeing that he liked it, Arissa gave him all the tripes in her bowl.

“Eat slowly, Sweetheart. Don’t hurry, lest you get burnt!”


Nodding, Tim continued having the soup.

Gavin also picked out the tripes in his bowl and gave them to him.

“Thank you, Gavin!”

Zachary followed suit.

“Here you go, Tim. Have more!” Verily, he doted on his brother.

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