The Mans Decree Chapter 2139

Archer’s and Garthor’s aura collided, and the sky was immediately plunged into darkness, and neither the sun nor the moon could be seen. It was as if the world had ended in that instant.

Garthor’s and Archer’s bodies crashed into each other violently, and sparks of lightning danced around. The two of them had begun fighting, but no one else could see their movements.

The universe trembled, and chaos emerged. Utterly shocked, Pascal’s mouth fell open in surprise as he watched the scene before his eyes. “S-So this is a battle between Martial Arts Gods…”

Yosef, too, watched the two men with a stunned expression. Although he was also a Martial Arts God, there was no doubt that he would be blown into smithereens if he tried to take part in the battle.

Meanwhile, Skyler’s expression was full of anxiety as she clenched her fists tightly and stared at the two combatants. She knew that Archer’s strength was no match for Garthor’s. The stronger they were, the more significant the disparity in their cultivation level was. It was an unbridgeable chasm.

The disparity was evident when it came to those who had achieved Martial Arts God cultivation level. Thud! A deafening noise sounded as a body was sent flying backward and collided with a boulder that was over ten meters wide. Instantly, the boulder shattered into dust. One could only imagine how powerful the force of that was.

“Archer!” Skyler shouted as she hurriedly ran over and helped him up. Archer’s face was ashen. He was obviously hurt, but still, the proud look in his eyes was not diminished. Inwardly, he still refused to admit defeat.

“What’s the matter? Won’t you admit defeat already?” Garthor sneered. “Garthor, just wait. I will surpass you sooner or later!” Archer growled through clenched teeth.

“Bullsh*t! Why don’t you run along now? The corpse is mine!” Garthor said as he gestured at his subordinates. Two members of Stormwind Sect jumped into the crater and prepared to move Jared’s corpse.

“Archer, let’s go. We can explain the situation to Master.” Skyler tried to persuade Archer to leave. At that moment, the summit suddenly shook, and a ray of light burst forth from the crater. They could feel a terrifying aura emerging.

The two members of Stormwind Sect who had jumped into the crater were sent flying by a tremendous force. “What happened?” Garthor frowned slightly.

“Mr. Fairchild… t-the person inside isn’t dead,” said one of the members of Stormwind Sect. Upon hearing that, Archer and Skyler halted in their steps and turned toward the crater in disbelief. As the aura in the crater continued to expand, the golden light also grew brighter and brighter.

Jared’s body was encased in golden light as it slowly floated up from the crater. Solemnly, he stood there with Dragonslayer Sword in his hand, looking as if he were a golden-armored war god.

“H-How is this possible?” Yosef stared at Jared in bewilderment, and his face was full of disbelief. How could the Enlightened One’s power fail to kill a mere Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint? This is too unbelievable.

In fact, the aura Jared’s body exuded was far stronger than it had been before. “Only an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint…” A hint of disappointment flitted across Jared’s eyes as he gauged the power his body now held.

Between the faith energy and absorbing Alef’s powers, I thought I could break through into Martial Arts God for sure! It seems that the stronger I become, the amount of resources I need to expend on cultivation also grows larger.

Jared did not doubt that the strength of an Eighth Level Martial Arts Saint was more than enough to deal with a Fifth Level Martial Arts God. This was the special feature of his Focus Technique. On the downside, the amount of resources required to raise his cultivation level was far greater than that of an ordinary person. However, when it came to people who had similar levels of cultivation, Jared was unbeatable.

Jared swept his gaze across Garthor, Archer, and the others before focusing on Yosef. Subconsciously, Yosef began to tremble when he saw Jared turn his attention toward him.

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