The Mans Decree Chapter 2137

Upon learning that there was no history between them, Yosef secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He said courteously, “Feel free to do so, Mr. Loulland. But just so you know, he’d robbed Pascal of several magical items, so I…”

“Bah! Those are just a bunch of scraps. Go ahead and take them. The body is all I need!” Archer waved his hand leisurely at that. To Luminous Sect, no magical items in the world would be worth a straw in the presence of Jared’s corpse. “Thank you, Mr. Loulland! Thank you so much!”

Yosef kept on expressing his gratitude. Sherman, on the flip side, appeared rather upset. Those two snobs are only about my age, but they talk with their noses in the air. The nerve of them to call our magical items scraps! After all, countless families from the secret realms had turned to Crafting Clan to forge their very own magical items.

Other things aside, Sherman had his eye on Skyler. The woman was stunning and poised, not to mention exuding an enticing celestial aura. She was practically a living embodiment. of an angel from heaven. Not in a million years would he pass up the chance to get chummy with a lady like her.

“Who are you people? Some gall you have to pour scorns on the magical items of Crafting Clan. That aside, Mr. Jenkins is the one who took Jared down. You’ll lay hold of his body only over my dead body. I still have yet to humiliate him enough to vent my spleen! If your insist on taking Jared’s remains, this beauty right here will have to stay and spend some time alone with me.”

Sherman leered at Skyler as he spoke, his eyes shining with sickening lasciviousness. If anything, that bold speech of his only served to astonish Yosef, who hardly set foot inside the crater.

Archer, in turn, knitted his brows as a ball of rage rose within him. Of course, Skyler, for one, was beyond disgusted when she caught a glimpse of Sherman’s mien.

“You shameless piece of sh*t!” she fumed, swinging her palm right at that filthy man all of a sudden. Immediately, an intense burst of energy zapped in his direction..

As soon as Skyler unleashed her move,. Sherman regretted his words. He was too little, too late, to learn that the woman before his eyes had a power that was even way out of Yosef’s league at such a young age.

The horrifying aura oppressed him, driving him to the verge of suffocation. Worse still, he found it impossible to move his body at will. It was as though he was about to be torn to shreds. As the pain wracked his body, he grimaced but could not even muster a cry for help.

Seeing that, Yosef quickly thrust his palm toward Sherman and channeled a force into counteracting Skyler’s aura. Only then did Sherman manage to catch his breath.

“Sherman was unforgivable for speaking so recklessly. But, Mr. and Ms. Loulland, I implore mercy on his behalf! Please, if you may, pardon him for my sake! We’ll forget any claims we may have had on the stuff in Jared’s possession. You can take them along with the body.”

Yosef wasted no time apologizing to Archer and Skyler as if his own life was on the line. At that time, Sherman was like a child who had misbehaved, hanging his head low in silence. He could not help but cringe when he thought about the near-death experience a minute ago.

“Hmph! Do you think a sorry would be enough after he walked all over Skyler? What do you take Luminous Sect for?” scoffed Archer. His voice reeked of palpable murderous intent.

Hearing that made Yosef wheel around to land a tight slap across Sherman’s cheek. On the heels of that slap, he started raining down punches and kicks on the latter..

Endless wails escaped Sherman. No matter how heartbroken Pascal was at that sight, intervening in it was never his choice of action. He knew very well that Yosef was only trying to save his son’s life.

What a foolish child! How could he have been so obtuse to cross them when even Yosef had to show them the utmost respect? Soon enough, Sherman was in a bruised mess from all the beating, barely hanging on to what was left in him.

“I hope you could spare his life, Mr. Loulland. I’ve taught him a lesson he’ll never forget,” pleaded Yosef. Before Archer made any judgment call, Skyler was the first to urge, “Forget it, Archer. Let’s hurry and head back already. We shouldn’t keep Master waiting!”

Archer bobbed his head and was all ready to jump into the crater. He had his heart set on grabbing Jared’s body and hitting the road. Alas, the second he made that leap, his advance was halted by Garthor. “Garthor! What do you think you’re doing?”

A wrinkle formed between Archer’s brows. Then came Garthor’s utterance with a faint grin. “Archer, I, too, share the same interest in bringing that carcass back to Stormwind Sect to work on something…”

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