The Mans Decree Chapter 2136

As Jared remained motionless on the ground, he activated his Focus Technique and slowly began to refine the excess energies he had inadvertently absorbed. “Haha… Hahaha…”

Meanwhile, Yosef laughed at his defeated opponent while Archer let out a disappointed sigh. “Yosef had to resort to using Kusch Monastery’s twelve Enlightened Ones to defeat a Martial Arts Saint. I suppose he really is something. But now that the twelve are gone, Yosef’s monastery will cease to exist, and he will need to find a new place for his monastery.”

Despite his defeat, Jared had earned Archer’s respect as a formidable martial artist, for even a Martial Arts God like Yosef had to use Kusch Monastery’s ultimate technique, the twelve Enlightened Ones, to defeat Jared, a fifth-level Martial Arts Saint.

“Archer, how are we going to survey the faith energy as instructed by Master now that he is dead?” Skyler asked. “We’ll take their bodies back and let Master conduct his research,” Archer replied.

“Okay!” Skyler nodded in agreement before she and Archer gracefully leaped and landed on the grounds of Kusch Monastery. “Mr. Fairchild, what should we do?” one of the followers of Stormwind Sect asked Garthor.

“We’re going too, of course. We need to take that kid’s body even though he’s dead. There must be something about his physique that could generate such a massive amount of faith energy,” replied Garthor.

With that, Garthor and his subordinates gracefully landed on the ground. Meanwhile, Yosef stood by the crater and gazed intently at Jared, who lay lifeless on the ground.

Despite Jared’s passing, he still possessed many magical items that would endure beyond his death. The most precious of them all was. Dragonslayer Sword, a spiritual weapon of the highest grade. “Mr. Jenkins, is he dead?” Sherman approached Yosef and asked, his gaze fixed on Jared’s body. “Of course, he’s dead. No one has ever survived the attack of the twelve Enlightened Ones!” Yosef replied.

“I’ve only used the ultimate technique of the twelve Enlightened Ones twice in my life. Who would’ve thought I’d have to use it to defeat at fifth-level Martial Arts Saint? Kusch Monastery will cease to exist from this day on. I need to find a new spot to build my monastery.” Yosef sighed.

“Quick, let’s move his body over here. He’s got the Divine Scroll of the Crafting Clan, as well as several other stolen magical items. Plus, he’s wearing the Storage Ring, which must contain a wealth of treasures,” Pascal urged Yosef.

Yosef was about to jump into the crater to retrieve Jared’s body when a sinister aura suddenly blocked his way. “Master Jenkins, how have you been?” Skyler and Archer landed in front of Yosef and greeted him. Yosef furrowed his brows when he saw them. “Mr. and Ms. Loulland from the Luminous Sect, what brings you to my Kusch Monastery?”

Archer pointed at Jared, who was lying in the crater. “We came to retrieve him.” Yosef immediately sensed that something was amiss. He asked warily, “Why? What does Jared have to do with Luminous Sect?”

After all, Luminous Sect was a secluded sect that possessed powers that Kusch Monastery could never compare to. Yosef couldn’t afford to offend the young pair as they were at the Martial Arts God level, while he had just recently been promoted to that level.

He couldn’t comprehend why a secluded sect like Luminous Sect would be interested in Jared. If Jared was really connected to Luminous Sect, Yosef would be in trouble.

“He has nothing to do with us. We don’t even know who he is. Our master recently discovered that he could generate a massive amount of faith energy, and he wants us to investigate. Now, we want to bring his body back for our master to study,” Archer explained.

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