The Mans Decree Chapter 2135

Jared stared at Yosef coldly, his Dragonslayer Sword at the ready. “I told you, I’ve even killed an experienced Martial Arts God. You’ve only recently been promoted to Martial Arts God. You’re no match for me.”

There wasn’t a hint of arrogance in Jared’s voice. It was as if he was simply stating facts. However, Yosef remained skeptical. He didn’t believe that a fifth-level Martial Arts Saint could kill a Martial Arts God.

Unless, of course, Jared was hiding his true power, but that was unlikely. The powers of a Martial Arts God couldn’t be concealed to the level of a Martial Arts Saint.

“Don’t be so arrogant, you brat,” Yosef sneered, reaching out and drawing energy from the air. Countless strands of faith energy appeared, coalescing into a dense cloud of purple energy in front of him.

Meanwhile, believers who had been praying. nearby began to collapse as their aura and faith energy were absorbed by Yosef. Despite this, other faithful individuals continued to kneel and recite scriptures in their hearts. with utmost devotion.

Jared’s brow furrowed as he surveyed the scene before him. “What are you all still doing here? You need to leave! Yosef is not the deity you believe him to be. Look around you-people are dying!” he shouted urgently. His voice reverberated through the air, hoping to persuade the believers to flee before it was too late.

“Hahaha. They won’t listen to you. They are my most devoted followers. They will die for me without hesitation if I ask them to!” Yosef chuckled.

He had formed a lethal purple sword from the purest form of faith energy drawn from the believers around him. “My powers will never run dry as long as my believers are around. I will show you what I’m made of today!”

With the sword in hand, he charged forward toward Jared. Jared, ever ready for battle, prepared himself for the oncoming attack. His Golem Body glowed with power as he brandished his Dragonslayer Sword, jumping into the air to meet Yosef.

Pascal and Sherman watched from a safe distance, knowing that the deadly auras emanating from the two combatants could easily kill them. As Yosef shook his purple sword, a sinister aura began to spread through the air.

The sinister aura engulfed Kusch Monastery, causing it to quake and the statues within to come to life. All twelve of them flew into the air and charged toward Jared.

“Haha, brat. You’ve been tricked. Do you really think I would face you head-on?” Yosef taunted Jared as he landed on the ground. As the twelve statues surrounded Jared and charged toward him, Jared remained confident, sneering contemptuously at the thought of taking on the statues.

But just as he was about to raise his sword to block their attack, a sharp pain pierced through his stomach, and he felt his spiritual energy dissipating. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t condense his energy, and he found himself defenseless against the statues.

With a deafening boom, the powers of the twelve statues struck him, shattering his Golem Body into countless pieces and causing the golden scales to disappear. Jared crashed heavily onto the ground, creating a large crater upon impact. He lay there, still and motionless, as the dust settled around him.

Despite the pain in his stomach, he focused his breathing on his lower abdomen and circulated his spiritual energy through his body. As he did so, he realized that he had inadvertently absorbed Alef’s powers and too much of the believers’ faith energy without properly refining these energies, which was the cause of his discomfort.

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