The Mans Decree Chapter 2131

“Mr. Jenkins has broken through! Mr. Jenkins has broken through!” Taking in the scene before his eyes, Sherman shouted in excitement. Pascal was also thrilled because Yosef’s advancement in cultivation meant they wouldn’t need to die.

Soon, Yosef’s body slowly rose from the ruins of the hall and eventually ascended into midair, merging with the statue of the Enlightened One.

“His Holiness is showing his power!” Many believers who witnessed that sight got on their knees one after the other. The faith energy within their bodies flowed out continuously and gathered.

“Scoundrel, how dare you wreak havoc in Kusch Monastery. This is a place of cultivation, yet you wantonly created bloodshed. The heavens. are merciful. If you kneel, admit your mistake, and follow the Enlightened One’s teaching from now on, I can spare your life.”

Yosef hovered in the air and gazed down at Jared. His resonant voice reverberated in the air. “Hmph! Petty tricks. Let me ask you. Were you the one who killed Deragon Sect’s disciples and injured my comrades and friends?” Jared stared at Yosef coldly.

“That’s right. It was me. If you’re still unrepentant, I shall send you to hell! With that, Yosef slowly descended. A golden light originated from his back and enveloped him. At that moment, Yosef resembled an almighty deity.

“I think you’re the one going to hell, you old fool!” Jared narrowed his eyes. His aura burst forth as he activated his Golem Body. Dazzling golden scales covered his body, giving him the appearance of a golden-armored war god.

The next instant, the golden light on Jared collided with Yosef’s, resulting in the emittance of a radiance brighter than the sun.

“I wanted to help you initially. Unfortunately, you’re too ignorant and arrogant. In that case, you shall go through reincarnation and seek enlightenment in your next life!”

As Yosef spoke, he gently waved his hand and shouted an incantation. All of a sudden, Kusch Monastery lit up. Rays of golden light showered down from the sky, forming a giant palm the next second.

The palm carried vast energy, and the force instantaneously crashed on Jared. Jared felt as if a mountain was dropped on him. His body sank, and his feet immediately plunged into the ground. “Brat, you’re just a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint, so why are you keeping up that futile resistance?”

“You should know that a deity cannot be defeated. I’ve advanced to the Martial Arts God stage. Going against me will be no different from resisting fate!” Yosef’s palm plunged slowly while Jared’s body sank into the earth.

“Fate?” Jared snorted. “You’ve just become a Martial Arts God, yet you dare compare yourself to a deity. I am capable of slaying even experienced Martial Arts God cultivators effortlessly.”

“Pfft! You’re just a big talker. Did you say you can slaughter experienced Martial Arts God cultivators? Do you even know what Martial Arts God is? Keep acting stubborn now, brat. I’d like to see how you’ll get crushed alive.” Sherman spat at Jared before turning to look at Yosef. “Mr. Jenkins, quit wasting your breath talking to this b*stard. Just kill him.”

“Since you’re impenitent, I shall end you now.” The golden light around Yosef’s body intensified, unleashing a terrifying pressure that shoved Jared deep into the ground.

Boom! A deafening sound tore through the area as the entire mountain shook. The enormous palm instantaneously hit Jared, burying him over ten meters under the earth’s surface.”I-Is this the power of a Martial Arts God? This is so frightening.”

Staring at the scene before his eyes, Pascal was utterly shocked. Just a moment ago, Jared had beaten Alef to the point of forcing the latter to beg for mercy, but now, Yosef managed to kill Jared with a mere slap.

That was the significant gap in abilities between a Martial Arts Saint and a Martial Arts God. As long as a Martial Arts Saint, even one at Top Level, hadn’t become a Martial Arts God, the immense difference in strength would. remain.

A Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint was insubstantial as an ant before a Martial Arts God.

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