The Mans Decree Chapter 2126

Meanwhile, Pascal and his son were enjoying their lives in Kusch Monastery. They were living like kings. After all, Yosef had many devoted believers who would do anything they were asked to. It delighted Sherman.

“Dad, say, do you think Jared is going to find his way to Kusch Monastery?” Sherman asked Pascal. “Who cares? If he doesn’t dare to come, we’ll get Yosef to take a trip to Jadeborough to force him out of hiding,” Pascal said with a sneer.

“Mr. Jenkins is amazing. Not only does he have so many disciples, but he even has so many believers. He’s truly enjoying himself every day while working on his cultivation. Cultivating in faith energy is far more convenient than looking for resources all over the area. I wish I could become someone like Mr. Jenkins, Sherman jealously muttered.

“Pfft! Do I look like I’m going to let my technique die out? All you need to do is study from me from now on,” Pascal uttered as he shot Sherman a glare.

“I won’t do that. So what if I learned your weapon-refining technique? At the end of the day, we still got beaten up and chased off by Jared. We lost everything! Ultimately, we had to get Mr. Jenkins to help us out. The weapon- refining technique is too lousy, and I’m not going to be a weapon refiner!” Sherman cried out, shaking his head.

“What do you even know? If I can refine a high- quality martial item or something even better than that, I’ll be able to destroy the entire martial arts world with one swing of my weapon, let alone a mere Jared Chance! Even the guys at the secret realm will tremble in fear when they see me!” Pascal berated loudly.

“Stop bragging. Let’s talk about this again when you actually refine something good.” Not wanting to waste his breath on his father, Sherman stood to leave. Right then, Yosef came over.

Immediately, Sherman hurried over to butter Yosef up. “Mr. Jenkins, is there anything I can help you with? Please feel free to get someone to assign me to anything at any time.”

Sherman was even nicer to Yosef than his own father. Even though Pascal was uncomfortable with the way Sherman acted, a beggar could not be a chooser. “Yosef, is there anything I can help you with?” Pascal queried.

“There are signs of a breakthrough in my current power level, so I’ll have to go into solitary training for the process. Just stay here and make yourself home. I’ve already made arrangements for everything,” Yosef said to Pascal and his son.

“What? Mr. Jenkins, you’re going into solitary training? What if Jared comes after us? I don’t think we’ll be able to beat him.” The worry was visible on Sherman’s face. Jared had frightened him.

“Don’t worry, Sherman. I’ve already told one of my good friends about this, so he’ll be guarding Kusch Monastery while I’m in my training. If Jared dares to come, he’ll never leave this place alive,” Yosef assured.

“Mr. Jenkins, how powerful is your friend? Jared’s not a weak man; he’s an advanced- phase Martial Arts Saint at the very least.” Sherman was still worried-he was scared that Yosef’s friend would not be a match for Jared.

Right as Sherman said that, he heard laughter behind him. A plump man in a monk robe then came in. “Hahaha! Boy, are you doubting my capabilities?”

The air in the room turned tense upon the monk’s appearance. Caught off guard, both Pascal and Sherman fell to the ground from the pressure. “Alef, these two are my junior and his son, so stop it,” Yosef said to the plump monk.

“Hahaha! Yosef, your junior and his son are weak! No wonder you asked me to come!” As Alef laughed, he stopped exerting the pressure on them. Both Pascal and Sherman turned shamefully red in the face upon hearing that.

“Pascal focuses on the technique of weapon refinement, so he’s not as good in combat. But you won’t be able to beat him when it comes to weapon refinement,” Yosef said, salvaging Pascal’s dignity.

“All right, let’s not talk about that anymore. You know how it goes. A babe a day. I don’t want the mediocre ones-I want the beautiful ones,” Alef said, shrugging.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already prepared some for you,” Yosef reassured.

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