The Mans Decree Chapter 2124

Conflicted feelings filled Jared when he realized he had underestimated the martial arts world and overestimated his own capabilities.

At his current level of Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint, Jared could easily defeat a Martial Arts God with the help of the Golden Dragon’s True Form. However, if he were to encounter an advanced-phase Martial Arts God, he would have to flee.

He could barely believe that there were more levels above Martial Arts God. Jared knew he would be defeated easily by enemies more capable than him..

“It seems that there are many hidden talents in the martial arts world. I have been too arrogant, Jared said, letting out a self- deprecating laugh. Suddenly, he recalled how Arthur made things. difficult for him and oppressed him for no reason since he came back from Jetroina.

At first, Jared had no idea why Arthur would do that to him. Jared had an epiphany and realized that Arthur’s actions were intended to stop him from becoming too arrogant after returning from Jetroina. Arthur wanted Jared to face reality and not think that he was invincible.

“Mr. Chance, don’t look down on yourself. Many capable beings who are beyond Martial Arts Gods have been cultivating for a long time. You’re still young and have the potential to become more powerful in the future,” Chester comforted him.

“Thank you so much, Great Elder. It looks like 1 still have a long way to go on the path of cultivation,” Jared responded, humbled by the realization. He didn’t waste time in Gate of Fire’s secret realm and left with Fernando soon after.

While they were on their way back, Fernando suddenly thought of something and shared it with Jared, “Mr. Chance, if you’re interested in finding out the location of Kusch Monastery, perhaps you could ask Mr. Know-It-All. He may be aware of its whereabouts,” Fernando suggested. “Mr. Know-It-All?” Jared was surprised, as it was the first time he had ever heard that nickname.

Fernando said, “Oh, the man’s name is Bartholomew Doyle. He may not be a skilled martial artist, but he has extensive knowledge of the history of the martial arts world. I’ve heard rumors that he possesses a book detailing the development of the martial arts world, but I cannot confirm. He might know where Kusch Monastery is.”

“Where is he?” Jared urged. He had no idea such a man existed. “He should be at the outskirts of Jadeborough. However, he isn’t always around. Let’s try our luck, Fernando replied..

He then led Jared to the outskirts of Jadeborough. Shortly after, they came to a stop outside a dilapidated house. Fernando stepped forward and peered at the house before exclaiming, “Mr. Chance, Mr. Know-It-All is home! This is excellent news.”

“Come, let’s go in.” Jared stepped into the house, but he almost immediately recoiled in shock at the overwhelming stench that hit him. A disheveled elderly man was sitting in front of a chessboard, staring at an unsolvable chess game in front of him. He didn’t seem to have noticed Jared and Fernando’s arrival..

After getting used to the smell, Jared glanced around the house and discovered many ancient books inside. There was nothing else except books.

Judging from the elderly man’s aura, he figured the latter was a Martial Arts Marquis. “Mr. Know-It-All, we need your help,” Fernando told him. “I’m not free,” Bartholomew responded coolly without looking up.

Hearing that, Fernando was about to lash out in fury when Jared stopped him. “Mr. Doyle, I heard that you possess extensive knowledge about the martial arts world, and that’s why I came to see you today. I hope you can help me with some questions,” Jared said politely.

Right then, Bartholomew raised his head slowly and regarded Jared. “You have some questions for me? First, you’ll have to agree to my condition.”

“Feel free to state your conditions. If it’s within my power, I’ll definitely agree,” Jared promised.

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