The Mans Decree Chapter 2119

Sherman’s anger spiked when he saw Flaxseed show up. “You old prune! How dare you appear when Jared doesn’t have the guts to show himself? Since you’re also responsible for destroying Crafting Clan, I’ll be killing you today.”

With that said, Sherman’s aura surged, and he threw a palm at Flaxseed without waiting for the latter to steady himself upon landing on the ground.

Flaxseed did not dare to fight Sherman head- on. Hence, he swiftly hurled out a few talismans. Unfortunately, Sherman destroyed them, causing a series of explosions.

Seeing that, Flaxseed quickly took a step backward and pulled out the Golden Calabash. Followed by a purple glow, horrifying energy burst out of the Golden Calabash. Being too close to his opponent, Sherman failed to avoid it in time. In the end, the Golden Calabash’s energy knocked him down.

“Sherman!” Pascal hurried forward to help Sherman up. “That’s an impressive magical item. Impressive.” Greed shone in Yosef’s eyes as he stared at Flaxseed’s Golden Calabash.

“Be careful, Yosef. That Golden Calabash is a high-quality magical item,” Pascal warned. “A stupid magical item can’t do me any harm,” Yosef snorted. He then reached out and grasped the void in front of Flaxseed.

There was a slight change in Flaxseed’s countenance when he sensed the immense suction force pulling at him. At the same time, the Golden Calabash began emanating a blinding light.

Rays of purple light shot out from the Golden Calabash, creating an infinite force that charged straight for Yosef. An explosion erupted in the air, and the ground seemed to rupture under the immense pressure the Golden Calabash was emitting. Yosef knitted his brows. “That Golden Calabash is not just a high-quality magical item.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he waved his hand, and a dimension suddenly appeared that caused the purple light to disappear when it hit the dimension. Flaxseed was slightly taken aback. He wanted to activate the Golden Calabash again when Yosef’s figure blurred and reappeared in front of him.

Yosef reached out and caught the Golden Calabash. Immediately after, a wave of aural hurtled toward Flaxseed, forcing him to let go.. He was then propelled backward.

The moment he crashed to the ground, explosions erupted in his body, and his blood spurted out. Every single bone and tendon in his body had been shattered upon impact.

After coughing up a mouthful of blood, Flaxseed passed out. Yosef, on the other hand, fiddled with the Golden Calabash in his hand with a gleeful expression. “Tell Jared to come and meet his end or we’ll start a massacre.”

Pascal was elated to see the wretched state Flaxseed was in, for the latter had destroyed Crafting Clan. Now, all that’s left to do is to destroy Jared. One of the disciples mustered his courage and said, “M-Mr. Chance really isn’t here.”

“Perhaps Jared really isn’t here,” Yosef piped up. releasing his aura into every corner of Deragon Sect to investigate the place. He did not sense the presence of a formidable fighter in the precinct.

Worried that Arthur would appear if they didn’t leave soon, Pascal dropped a threat before leaving. “When he returns, tell him to come to me at Kusch Monastery. My name is Pascal Schneider, the person in charge of Crafting Clan. Tell him I’ll come back for him if he intends to hide.”

When they were finally gone, everyone in Deragon Sect began cleaning up the area. With Godrick and Flaxseed severely injured, the entire Deragon Sect was left with no leader. Everyone was at a loss for what to do. Fortunately, Jessica, Cecilia, and the others arrived shortly after. Their expressions were grim when they saw the heavily-wounded Godrick and Flaxseed.

“Send someone to bring Mr. Knox from Medicine God Sect now. Don’t let the news about Godrick’s and Mr. Flaxseed’s injury leak out. Repair the gates as soon as possible. We must not let too many people find out Deragon Sect was challenged and defeated. One more thing. Get Jared to come back as soon as possible so he can take charge,” Cecilia gave out the orders calmly while everyone was panicking. After all, Cecilia was the head of Crimson Palace. Naturally, she had some experience in managing sects.

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