The Mans Decree Chapter 2115

Meanwhile, at Kusch Monastery, Pascal and his son, Sherman, seemed like entirely different people after two days of recuperation. Moreover, during these two days, they witnessed the power of faith energy. Many devout believers traveled long distances to worship at the monastery, and the faith energy generated by those believers was remarkable.

“Mr. Jenkins, you have so many believers, but how do you distinguish which ones are the most devout?” Sherman asked Yosef curiously. “That’s easy. I can gauge that by looking at the faith energy they produce.” Yosef performed some hand seals as he spoke.

Then, he thrust his palm forward. Subsequently, faith energy gradually materialized above the heads of the dozens of worshipping believers inside the hall.

However, the faith energy that emanated from them was of different colors. There were white, blue, and even purple. That sight stunned Sherman, who didn’t understand why he could suddenly perceive the faith energy in different colors.

“Do you see that? The white faith energy is the weakest, and the purple one is the strongest,” Yosef said with a faint smile. Sherman spotted a beautiful girl with purple faith energy above her head among the dozens of believers present. In other words, she was the most devout believer. Yosef noticed Sherman looking at the girl and grinned. “Sherman, do you find that girl pretty?”

Sherman nodded. “Indeed. She’s quite attractive.” After escaping for several days and staying at Kusch Monastery for two more days, Sherman felt he hadn’t been with a woman for a long time. As a result, hints of desire flashed across his eyes when he looked at the girl.

“Hahaha. Devout believers like her are no different from puppets. Let me show you.” After saying that, Yosef waved his hand to summon one of his disciples over before whispering a few words in the latter’s ear. That disciple swiftly walked up to the girl and said something to her. Then, she followed the disciple over to where Yosef and Sherman sat.

When the girl saw Yosef, her face was full of surprise, and she immediately burst into tears, crying in excitement as if she had just met her idol.

“Miss, I see that you share a karmic connection with Kusch Monastery, so I wish to practice a form of joyful meditation with you. Will you agree to that?” Yosef asked in a profound manner. Thrilled, the girl nodded repeatedly. “Master Jenkins, I agree. I’m more than willing to fulfill your wish.”

“Very well. You can take off your clothes now,” he uttered to her. Astonishingly, the girl showed no shyness and immediately removed her garments, leaving Sherman flabbergasted.

“Sherman, go ahead and cultivate.” Yosef patted Sherman on the shoulder. Only then did Sherman come to his senses. He carried the girl in his arms and entered his room.

A few minutes later, Sherman emerged, covered in sweat and wearing a satisfied expression on his face. “Mr. Jenkins, y-you’re amazing. How did you manage to do this?” Sherman asked Yosef.

“Haha. Believers like her would not hesitate: even if I asked them to die. They believe it’s their blessing for being able to come face-to- face and cultivate with me. I can have as many girls like her as I want,” Yosef replied haughtily. Hearing that, Sherman knelt before Yosef with a thud. “Mr. Jenkins, please accept me as your disciple. I want to stay at Kusch Monastery instead of returning to Crafting Clan.”

At that moment, Pascal walked over and overheard his son’s wish to remain at Kusch Monastery. His face turned grim. “Stop this nonsense. Mr. Jenkins doesn’t have the time to look after you. Besides, you’re my only son, and I expect you to inherit Crafting Clan.”

“Dad, what is there to inherit? I think Crafting Clan must be in ruins by now. How could Jared possibly leave those magical items untouched? With those magical items gone, there’s practically nothing to inherit in Crafting Clan. How long will it take for you to recraft that many magical items? I think Mr. Jenkins’ Kusch Monastery is great,” Sherman said to Pascal.

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