The Mans Decree Chapter 2113

In response, Jared nodded. “I know.” “You’re risking your life for the sake of a few women. Is it worth it?” Arthur asked. “Yes.” Again, Jared dipped his head a fraction. Unexpectedly, Arthur suddenly flew into a towering rage.

Slamming his hand on the table, he cursed, “Yes, my foot! Are you living for the sake of a few women alone? Let me tell you this-women will only be a burden to you. For spiritual energy cultivators, it’s a necessity to abandon all worldly emotions and desires. Only by doing so will one attain real enlightenment and become immortal. Look at you now, forsaking your life for the sake of a few women!” Jared was surprisingly calm in the face of the enraged man.

“If becoming immortal means abandoning all worldly emotions and desires, I’d rather not have immortality. I didn’t want it in the first place and had merely been forced to embark on this path. I’m willing to die to save them, and I know they’re likewise willing to do the same for me,” he enunciated.

When Arthur heard that, the fury within him slowly dissipated. “Oh well, romantics often have the most regrets. since time immemorial. I know you came because of the three girls. If you want to save them, take them back to the secret realm. It’s only there that they can recover again. If you stubbornly insist on not doing so, they won’t even be able to survive a day,” Arthur stated evenly, sitting back down.

“Why? Why exactly is that so? What is Wordless Tome? And what is Boundless Cave? Also, what’s the secret of that secret realm of Divine Quest Sect? How did this happen to them? What on earth is going on?” Jared demanded loudly, his emotions spiraling out of control.

“When you’re meant to know some things, you’ll naturally understand them. Conversely, don’t ask questions for answers you’re not meant to know. It won’t do you any good to be aware of too many things,” Arthur replied. Jared stared at the man intently, hoping to see through Arthur to the depths of his thoughts. Alas, he failed to perceive anything..

“Since you know everything, why did you have Renee and Melanie deliver Wordless Tome to me? You knew that such would’ve happened to them if they were to enter the secret realm, didn’t you? Why did you still tell them to do so?” he questioned once more..

“If they hadn’t done so, would you be standing here, talking to me right now? Besides, they were willing to die for you. You must learn to come to terms with everything. Life and death are predestined. You can’t change destiny! All the women around you will eventually die for you. That is both their destiny and yours! The sufferings you’ll experience in the future will be a thousand times worse than this.”

Like a sledgehammer, Arthur’s voice hit Jared squarely in the chest. He promptly froze, stunned for a long moment.

“No, I don’t believe in destiny. I have no trust in fate. Why am I to experience untold suffering? Why must it be me? I merely want to be with the girl I like, meet my parents, and give them a great life. All I want is to be an ordinary person. I only want to be a normal man!” Jared roared at the top of his lungs, trembling all over.

“As I’ve said, all this is destiny. It’s your fate, and you can’t change it. Perhaps you can change your lot in life when you’ve become the master of everything. Since you can’t change it now, go along with it. Otherwise, you’ll only suffer more. Run along!” Arthur waved a hand lightly. Immediately, a burst of energy sent Jared flying out. On the heels of that, the room door slammed shut.

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