The Mans Decree Chapter 2105

“Really? Wow… That must’ve felt amazing, huh? You sure are lucky, Melanie! Now I see why your clothes are all messy! I nearly froze to death, and Josephine nearly died of heatstroke. You, on the other hand, had the best time of your life…” Renee exclaimed in surprise and disbelief.

“What are you saying, Renee?” Melanie shot her a fierce glare with her face all red. “Huh? Where’s Jared?” Renee asked when she noticed that Jared was nowhere in sight..

Josephine and Melanie glanced about when they heard that, but they didn’t notice him anywhere. Meanwhile, Jared was standing in between two statues while staring at Wordless Tome.

Because he was standing perfectly still like the statues next to him, the ladies did not notice him standing there. A few moments later, Wordless Tome disappeared completely and reappeared inside Jared’s mind.

Feeling a little dizzy, Jared shook his head and let out a huge sigh before slumping to the ground. Such high-level feats of memory were as exhausting as fighting a tough battle.

Having spotted Jared, Josephine ran up to him and asked, “Are you all right, Jared?” “Josephine? Renee? Melanie? Are you all okay?” Jared asked in surprise when he saw that the three of them had returned to normal.

“Yeah, we’re fine now. How about you? How are you feeling?” Josephine asked worriedly. “I’m feeling just fine…” Jared replied with a smile as he got back on his feet.

“Now that we’re all okay, I say we get out of here as soon as possible. This place is giving me the creeps!” Renee was starting to get scared of the phenomenon that happened to all three of them in the cave. Jared nodded and led the three of them out of the cave.

If the cave was not the exit and didn’t contain any treasures, then there must be another exit in this secret realm! With that in mind, Josephine suggested, “Hey, Jared! Why don’t you check Wordless Tome and see if there are any other hints?”

“Wordless Tome is gone…” Jared said and proceeded to explain what happened inside that cave. “What was written inside Wordless Tome, Jared?” Renee asked excitedly when she heard that Jared had memorized every single word inside Wordless Tome. Jared shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Josephine and the others were frozen in confusion. “Didn’t you say you memorized everything? How could you not know what was written inside if it’s already in your head?” Melanie asked.

“I did memorize everything, but I can’t recall what I memorized. Let me think…” Jared replied as he dug deep into his subconscious with spiritual sense and stared at Wordless Tome, which was floating inside his mind.

When he tried getting close to Wordless Tome to see what was written on it, a powerful force knocked him back. “I really can’t recall what was written on it!” Jared exclaimed with a depressed look on his face.

He wasn’t even sure if he remembered anything that he was memorizing. As though he was suffering from amnesia, Jared couldn’t bring himself to recall what was written on Wordless Tome.

“What do we do, then? Are we all going to be trapped here forever?” Renee exclaimed with a sigh. Seeing as Jared had no idea what they should do, everyone decided to remain quiet so he could think in peace. The silence was broken when Melanie’s stomach started growling all of a sudden.

She got hungry after everything they had been through. “You ladies wait here. I’ll go look for some food,” Jared said as he got up and went scavenging for food.

Although there were no animals in the area, there were quite a lot of plants around them, and Jared knew where to look for wild fruits. It wasn’t long before Jared found some trees with lots of wild fruits. The fruits were only the size of a fist, but they looked really juicy.

Jared had never seen that tree before, so he wasn’t sure if the fruits were safe to eat. He then plucked one of the fruits, wiped it on his shirt, and took a huge bite.

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