The Mans Decree Chapter 2103

As he shifted his gaze to Melanie, he observed her face turning red and noticed that she was biting her lip so hard that it started to bleed! Her tightly clenched fists dug deep into her flesh as her eyes flashed seductively.

“Melanie? Are you all right, Melanie?” Jared got up, grabbed her hand, and shook it. Melanie’s eyes locked onto Jared’s as he approached, and she greeted him with a seductive gaze before pulling him into a tight embrace, her desire for intimacy with him palpable.

Jared was taken aback when Melanie threw herself at him, but then he noticed the stone wall behind her was adorned with murals depicting explicit male-female intimacy-all of which were strikingly graphic.

Even someone as calm and composed as Jared could not help but feel the heat rising in his lower abdomen as he gazed at the images. The scent of Melanie’s body, which kept wafting into Jared’s nostrils, further fueled his desire.

At that point, Jared’s eyes had also turned red, and his primitive instinct was slowly getting the better of him. After succumbing to Melanie’s seduction, he began undressing her with his two hands.

Just when he was about to take the next step, a radiant beam suddenly flashed through his mind, causing a sharp pain in his brain. As soon as Jared came to his senses, he looked at Melanie and immediately helped her put her clothes back on.

It took him a short while to calm down after reciting the calming incantation. However, after taking a glance at Josephine and the rest of the girls, he could not help but knit his brows.

“Let’s go, Josephine. We must get out of here as soon as possible,” Jared uttered loudly. Yet, Josephine appeared to be in unbearable agony. It was as if she could not hear anything anymore.

Jared’s attention shifted to Renee, and he realized a layer of frost had immobilized her entire body, leaving only her eyes free to move. Exploded in rage, Jared roared. A golden light emanated from his hands as he swung them toward the stone walls. He knew all these were works of this strange cave!


Boom! A deafening noise reverberated through the cave. Despite Jared’s powerful punches, the walls remained unscathed. Even the statues in the cave remained intact and showed no sign of damage at all!

Jared could not believe his eyes. With his ability, destroying a mountain to me was just a piece of cake, let alone a cave. Yet, despite his immense strength, the cave remained impervious to his punches.

Jared pummeled the walls with countless blows until he was left panting heavily and had no choice but to stop. Yet, the cave remained as solid as ever without any slightest change!

“How? How is it possible?” Jared looked. bewildered. He struggled to comprehend why his immense. strength was unable to shatter the cave. Jared felt powerless as he gazed upon Josephine and the others.

He sat on the ground, trying to calm himself down. There was nothing in the cave, except for a few dusty statues. Could the problem lie with the statues?

Jared began to examine the statues closely. Somehow, he felt something was amiss with the one in the middle. The statue’s right hand extended forward in an open gesture, and its gaze was fixed upon it.

Jared circled the statue and continued scrutinizing it. “The statue should be holding something in its hand,” he muttered while staring at it. Just as Jared was looking at it, Wordless Tome he was carrying jolted all of a sudden!

The book began to glow. It then flew up and landed right on the right hand of the statue. Wordless Tome which was originally devoid of a single word on its pages, was suddenly inundated with densely packed words when it got in contact with the statue’s hand. Jared’s jaw dropped, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

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