The Mans Decree Chapter 2098

“This is strange…” Jared furrowed his brows. “Why did Mr. Sanders give us a Wordless Tome? He didn’t let us know how…” Melanie was perplexed.

“I’m sure he has reasons for giving me this book. If he didn’t tell me how I should decrypt it, then he must have thought I have my ways of reading it.”

Jared’s admiration for Arthur was endless, not just because he helped him. But because he felt that Arthur was a knowledgeable person who knew and understood everything under the stars.

“Jared, do you think you need to use your blood to connect to Wordless Tome to decrypt it?” Josephine questioned then. Hearing her words, Jared quickly bit his finger and smeared a few drops of blood on Wordless Tome.

As expected, the book absorbed Jared’s blood. instantly before it emitted a glow. A drawing slowly became apparent on the first page of Wordless Tome. Multiple scarlet- colored blood stripes appeared, revealing a map on it. Renee exclaimed excitedly after seeing the book’s changes. “Yay! Finally. Now I can see the book’s content!”

Jared didn’t stop to look at the map first, though. He flipped to other pages, dropping his blood onto them. However, Wordless Tome didn’t react to his blood this time, as the pages remained empty.

Jared and the rest froze, noticing how Wordless Tome was unresponsive. They thought they had found the correct way to unlock the book’s contents. Yet, only one page of helpful information was all they got. Josephine spoke up, “Let’s take a look at the map. Maybe the way to unlocking its content is hidden in the map.’ ”

They gathered together, carefully reviewing the map details on the first page. Then, they realized the map was nothing like any place in the mundane world. While the rest was engrossed in their thinking, Jared’s eyes lit up. “Oh, I got it!” He shouted happily, scaring the others.

He continued, gesturing at the map, “Look here. This map is the map of this secret realm we are in now. See this mountain, this water body, and this jungle? It’s the exact replica of our current location.” The women didn’t know what he was going on about, though, for they had just arrived at the secret realm..

Jared used to be clueless like them too. He wouldn’t have realized this was the map of the secret realm they were in if he hadn’t walked around it trying to find Josephine and the exit. Renee was confused. “But then there’s no symbol or whatsoever on this map. What’s the point of having it in our hands?”

She had barely finished speaking when. moonlight cast its light onto Wordless Tome. Wordless Tome radiated a faint glow quickly as a red dot on the map slowly materialized.

The red dot sparkled, an obvious sign that it was deliberately marked to showcase its importance. “Look! Right here! Maybe this red dot is an indication of the exit?” Melanie pointed at the twinkle on the map.

“It doesn’t matter. We have to browse around the area. This Wordless Tome would surely be a great help to the current situation if Mr. Sanders was determined to pass it to me.” Jared believed that Arthur would never give him a random, useless book.

And so, Jared traveled to the location shown on the map with the three women.  In the meantime, Pascal and Sherman who were dressed in rags climbed up the inclining path on a steep mountain in the mundane world. “Hang in there, Sherman. We’ll be reaching Kusch Monastery shortly,” Pascal encouraged his son as they walked.

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