The Mans Decree Chapter 2089

Meanwhile, despite spending the whole day in the secret realm, Jared did not find anything. He managed to roughly calculate the size of the secret realm. It was pretty huge, about hundreds of miles large..

It was a small world there, filled with. mountains, water, and plants everywhere. That scenic environment was surrounded by spiritual energy. Nonetheless, not a living creature could be found there, except for Jared.

Jared failed to find Josephine there, and the worse thing was that he could not find the secret realm’s entrance despite being there all day. In that case, Jared might never be able to escape from the secret realm.

Soon, the sky grew darker. Jared knew that Flaxseed and the rest would be thinking of a way for him to get out of the secret realm outside.

With that thought, Jared sat cross-legged calmly and started to cultivate. Meanwhile, Flaxseed, Jessica, and the others. were indeed anxiously finding ways to help Jared outside the realm.

“What’s going on exactly? Why would the entrance of the secret realm be closed all of a sudden?” Flaxseed asked begrudgingly, staring at Jessica.

“I have no idea. The entrance should be here, but it’s gone now! I can’t feel the existence of the entrance, as if it doesn’t even exist!” Jessica wore an anxious expression.

She tried murmuring her spell. However, nothing happened. Jessica could not feel at thing at all. “What should we do?” That left Flaxseed somewhat at a loss for what to do next.

It was clear that Evil Heart Sect was trying to lure Jared inside the secret realm with that entrance. If that was the case, it was impossible for Josephine to be in the secret realm as well.

Now, Skylar had been rescued but Jared was trapped inside the secret realm. Flaxseed and the others felt utterly helpless. “Mr. Flaxseed, I think someone might be able to save Jared…”

Godrick voiced out of the blue. “Who is it? Who can save him?” Flaxseed asked hurriedly. “Mr. Sanders.” Hearing Godrick’s words, Flaxseed almost stumbled. Although it might be true, not everyone could ask Arthur for help. It was extremely difficult to meet Arthur in person. “Who do you think is qualified to meet Mr. Sanders in person?”

Flaxseed asked Godrick “I know that it’s hard to meet Mr. Sanders alone, Mr. Flaxseed. How about we find more people to look for him together? Maybe he would be willing to see us,” suggested Godrick.

“I agree with Godrick. I think Mr. Sanders would be fine to see us if there are enough people. Once meeting him, we should tell him what happened to Jared. I guess he would help. He cares for Jared all this while, after all.”

Jessica said. “Okay, then. Let’s split up tomorrow and start our mission. We should contact everyone as soon as possible!” Flaxseed nodded in response.

The next day, Flaxseed and the others went separate ways to do their tasks. It did not take them long to gather almost a dozen powerful figures from the martial arts world.

Hence, they finally formed a group of people. Among them were Fernando, Astrid, Leviathan, Colin, Renee, Cecilia, Lizbeth, Melanie, Lyanna, Millie, Lachlan, Howard, Axton, Rayleigh, The Villainous Four, Flaxseed, Jessica, and Godrick.

Soon, they went to the Department of Justice and blocked its gate together. “General Jackson, could you please inform Mr. Sanders that we need to meet him to discuss something?”

Fernando remarked politely to Theodore.

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