The Mans Decree Chapter 2085

Demon Sect’s secret realm couldn’t even come close. Although Jared didn’t know how big Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm was, the place was definitely much larger than Demon Sect’s secret realm. Demon Sect’s secret realm was only the size of a sect, while that place was like a separate world.

Unbeknownst to Jared, that place was only one of the secret realms controlled by Evil Heart Sect. Jared unleashed his spiritual sense, trying to sense Josephine’s aura while checking if any other people were around.

However, after spreading his spiritual sense, Jared found that the place was incredibly vast. Even though his spiritual sense was now powerful enough to detect things tens of kilometers away, his search had been fruitless.

He couldn’t detect where Josephine was nor signs of activity from others. “Don’t tell me Evil Heart Sect is not inside this secret realm?” Jared knitted his brows.

Given that Evil Heart Sect could create an organization like Jadeborough’s Warriors Alliance, which was highly influential in the mundane world, Jared figured Evil Heart Sect must be formidable.

Still, he didn’t locate anyone even after combing the area with his spiritual sense. As a result, Jared could only find a place to sit down and rest temporarily, waiting for daylight to come to continue his search.

After all, he wasn’t familiar with the secret realm. If he were to cast around at night recklessly, it might be a waste of time. Jared sat cross-legged, feeling the spiritual. energy of that world pouring continuously into his body.

While Jared was inside the secret realm, a black-robed man approached Deragon Sect’s entrance at Jadeborough. Due to the darkness, Deragon Sect’s guards couldn’t see that man’s face.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass into Deragon Sect?” The guards stepped forward and halted the man in black robe. Instead of answering, the black-robed man abruptly thrust his palm and shattered the guard’s brain.

Witnessing that, the other guard was about to scream, but the black-robed man grasped the guard’s throat. He exerted a little force and crushed that guard’s throat. Staring at the guards’ corpses, the black-robed man slowly lifted his head..

Under the light, Malphas’ menacing. countenance was revealed. Flashing an eerie-looking smile, Malphas ambled into Deragon Sect. Along the way, he encountered many members of Deragon Sect and killed them without any hesitation.

Upon arriving outside the dungeon where Skylar was held, Malphas merely waved his hand slightly, and the door immediately opened. At that moment, Skylar was squatting in a corner, his face expressionless. The spirit within him had been destroyed, causing his powers to decline significantly.

Only then did Skylar understand that relying on the spirit to enhance his strength wouldn’t make those abilities truly his. Once the spirit vanished, his strength would also drastically decrease.

Just then, the door to the dungeon was. suddenly opened. Skylar swiftly got to his feet, his eyes filled with fear because he didn’t know what Jared would do to him.

However, when Malphas entered the dungeon, Skylar’s face instantly lit up in surprise. “Mr. Malphas.” Skylar hastily moved forward and knelt before Malphas.

Initially, Skylar thought Evil Heart Sect had already given up on him since Malphas had mentioned he was just a pawn for Evil Heart Sect. Now, it seemed the sect still cared about him.

“Stay behind me,” Malphas uttered indifferently while looking at Skylar. Skylar nodded, quickly got to his feet, and followed Malphas. Right after the two exited the dungeon, they saw Godrick leading dozens of subordinates to surround them.

Noticing someone was rescuing Skylar, Godrick bellowed, “How dare you! You’ve encroached on Deragon Sect’s forbidden ground and killed our people. Do you have a death wish?”

Malphas couldn’t help but curl the corner of his lips into a sneer when he saw Godrick. “Hmph. I can’t believe a mere Martial Arts Marquis dares to be so arrogant.”

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