The Mans Decree Chapter 1990

Jared returned to Deragon Sect, feeling a surging energy within his body. He was surprised to find that the recent battle with Kazuo had given him a sense of impending breakthrough.

Although a ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower had only allowed Jared to advance to an Eighth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis, he was only a step away from attaining Ninth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

After battling Kazuo, Jared could feel a tingling sensation within his body. “Jared, have you found the murderer?” Godrick asked when he saw Jared return.

Jared nodded and said, “Inform everyone that the restrictions have been lifted. I’ve driven away the person. He’s a ronin from Jetroina. Also, take out some of the medicinal herbs stored in Deragon Sect. I need to refine some pills…”

Godrick nodded and hurriedly made the arrangements. Later, Jared also informed Axton to bring extral medicinal herbs when he came to Jadeborough to treat Xavier.

Jared wanted to use these herbs to refine an energy condensing pill and see if he could break through to the Ninth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis. If he could, he’d have a better chance of success when he went to Jetroina.

After giving instructions, Jared walked out of the room and slowly looked toward the Warriors Alliance. By now, the Warriors Alliance building had already become an office space for Deragon Sect.

“Josephine, where exactly are you?” Jared sighed. Although he knew that Josephine was locked away in a secret realm, where should he look for that secret realm?

Jared had to go to Jetroina to deal with the Watanabe family, so the task of searching for the secret realm was left to Flaxseed and Jessica. Even if Jared were there, he wouldn’t be much help in finding the secret realm of Evil Heart Sect. It would be up to Jessica..

Jared walked toward the two’s room, intending to tell them about his trip to Jetroina. But as he approached the door, he heard. Jessica’s moans. Jared’s face turned slightly red, and he had no choice but to wait outside until they finished. Jared smoked a cigarette and waited for half an hour before the room finally quieted down. Flaxseed then said, “Jared, come in…”

Jared pushed the door open and walked in. Jessica’s face was flushed, and she quickly poured a cup of water for Jared. “Jared, why are you here this late to eavesdrop on me instead of sleeping? You have so many women, so just pick one to sleep with you,” Flaxseed said teasingly with a playful expression.

“You knew I was outside, and yet you still took so long. I came to see you for a reason! I need to go to Jetroina for a few days to deal with some personal matters, so I’ll need you and Ms. Zimmerman to search for the secret realm of Evil Heart Sect,” Jared said seriously.

“You’re going to Jetroina? What for? To shoot a movie?” Flaxseed joked. “I’m not kidding with you. I’m really going to Jetroina!” Jared then recounted the events involving the Law Enforcement Department and Kazuo that had occurred that day to Flaxseed.

Upon hearing this, Flaxseed immediately. dropped his smile. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Damn, these Jetroinian ronins are relentless. But going to Jetroina alone is too dangerous for you, and the Watanabe family is not as weak as you imagine. You can’t possibly destroy their entire family by yourself! I’ll accompany you. I have friends in Jetroina who can help us once we’re there.” Jared shook his head. “No need. You’ll be searching for the secret realm of Evil Heart Sect with Ms. Zimmerman. I hope that when I return, you’ll have succeeded in finding it.”

“I’m afraid you won’t make it back. I’ll go with you instead. Jessica can handle the search for the secret realm herself. The entrance must be near the Warriors Alliance, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

Flaxseed insisted on going with Jared out of concern for his safety. “Mr. Chance, please let Mr. Flaxseed accompany you. You’ll be alone and unfamiliar with the place, and there will indeed be many dangers. I can handle the search for the secret realm myself. As long as the entrance is nearby, I can sense it.” Jessica said to Jared.

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