The Mans Decree Chapter 1981

“Her soul was incomplete. She’s fine now,” Baal uttered calmly. Evangeline stood up, looking somewhat bewildered at Jared and the others. At that moment, she had some vague impressions of Jared but, at the same time, also felt as if she knew nothing about him.

Seeing that, Fernando and Astrid hurriedly took Evangeline away. Evangeline still remembered Fernando, as they were both from the Gunderson family, after all.

“Young man, have you decided? Do you want me to pass on my cultivation method to you, teach you martial arts, or provide you with an exceptional weapon?” Baal asked Jared. Unexpectedly, Jared shook his head.

When it came to cultivation methods, his Focus Technique was a superior divine martial art. As for weapons, his Dragonslayer Sword was a top-grade spiritual sword. Seeing Jared shake his head, Baal frowned. slightly, “What exactly do you want?”

“We don’t want any of those things. I just want to know who my father is. Can you help me with that? Jared asked while looking at Baal. “That’s easy. Just squeeze out a drop of your blood essence!” Baal replied casually.

Jared furrowed his brows, and a drop of essence blood slowly seeped from his forehead and eventually floated in midair. Baal extended a finger and gently touched the drop of blood essence.

Then, the droplet of blood essence was instantly absorbed into Baal’s body. Immediately afterward, Jared witnessed Baal’s facial expression changing dramatically from surprise to shock and finally to fear.

Even Baal’s breathing became much more rapid at that point. That observation left Jared somewhat at a loss, as he didn’t understand why Baal would react in that manner.

After a long while, Baal finally let out a long sigh, his forehead already covered in a cold sweat. “Mr. Baal, do you know who my father is now?” Jared asked anxiously.

The blood demon nodded. Jared was overjoyed. He had always wanted to know who his father was and the truth behind his identity. Why did so many people refer to me as the son of a dragon? Could my father really be a member of the Draconians?

However, just as Jared waited for Baal to answer him, the latter slowly said, “Now I understand why that old devil taught you Sacred Light Fist. That old guy must’ve noticed something too. I know who your father is, but I cannot say. Still, I can tell you this. Your father is someone even I admire deeply and cannot hope to match.”

Jared was dumbfounded after hearing that because Baal was already akin to an immortal, in his opinion. With Baal’s capabilities, he could perhaps wipe out the existence of the mundane world with a wave of his hand. Yet, my father is someone even Baal reveres and cannot even match. Who exactly is my father?

Amidst Jared’s consideration, Baal suddenly knitted his brows, appearing very unwell as a menacing expression flashed across his face. “Mr. Baal, what’s wrong?” Jared hurriedly asked. “The power of the laws of nature is too overbearing, making breathing difficult for me,” Baal answered with a frown.

Now that the altar was destroyed and the recovery of spiritual energy had vanished, the laws of nature would suppress beings like Baal with more formidable abilities to a greater extent. If Baal stayed in the mundane world for an extended period, his cultivation might be ruined.

“I am also a cultivator of the divine martial art, so why can’t I sense the power of the laws of nature?” Jared found it very strange. Why didn’t he, a spiritual energy cultivator, feel the suppression from the laws of nature?

“Are you kidding? With your bloodline, the laws of nature are nothing. It wouldn’t dare-” Realizing he was about to slip up, Baal immediately caught himself. Then, he uttered, “I’m leaving this place now. If fate allows, I hope to see you in Ethereal Realm.”

With that, Baal reached out and slashed at the air, tearing up the space and revealing a black hole. “You should come with me. You won’t be able to survive here, and if there’s a chance, I’ll help you restore your physical body.” Baal said, taking the soul of Lunarius Palace’s holy maiden with him and jumping directly into the black hole.

“Mr. Baal, what is Ethereal Realm?” Jared wanted to inquire further regarding the details and location of Ethereal Realm. However, Baal was gone, and the black hole had already disappeared without a trace.

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