The Mans Decree Chapter 1980

At the sight of the fleeing spirits, Baal pinched his fingers, distorting the space in front of the crowd. After cutting off the four spirits’ escape routes, Baal began to massage the distorted space into some form of prison to trap them inside. “T-This…”

Jared was stunned by what he was witnessing. The power demonstrated by Baal had exceeded even his wildest imaginations. Despite the spirits’ repeated struggles, they were quickly turned into ash that faded into nothingness.

As for the four Black Gold Robes, their aura weakened dramatically as their levels dropped from Martial Arts Saints to Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

“Attaching spirits to your bodies is nothing but a disgrace,” Baal declared contemptuously. Without a moment’s delay, Skylar led the four Black Gold Robes to pick Malphas up and leave in hurry. They didn’t dare linger around any further, for Jared would kill them even if Baal didn’t.”

Upon Skylar and his men’s departure, Baal shifted his gaze toward Evangeline. The reason was that the spirit of the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace was inhabiting her body. When Evangeline saw Baal looking at her, she averted her gaze in fear.

Unfortunately, it was of no use. A single glance from Baal caused her to have a splitting headache that heralded the spirit’s separation from her body.

The next moment, Baal grabbed onto the spirit. Before the shocked Jared could stop Baal from killing her, Baal was equally stunned as he stared at her. “You’re a member of Lunarius Palace?”

“Yes. I’m the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace. Back when demon spirits attacked Lunarius Palace, I managed to flee but could only survive as a spirit,” the holy maiden’s spirit answered as she glared at Baal. Lunarius Palace and demon spirits can never coexist!

“Hmph, here you are, blaming demon spirits again. Back then, I was investigating the reason behind the Celestial Battle. Unfortunately, I had to seal myself away after being set up. We celestials have been living in peace for thousands of years. Why would we want to start a war suddenly and wreak havoc across every aspect of our lives?” Baal retorted with a scowl.

Jared was surprised to hear the remark. “Mr. Baal, is there really a conspiracy behind Celestial Battle?” Although Jared had heard of the event, he had no idea what caused it and how it led to the events at present.

“It’s pointless for me to tell someone ordinary like you about it. Now that I have been resurrected, I must get to the bottom of the matter. I can’t allow demon spirits to wrongfully carry the blame. As we, the elders of the demon spirits, were either sealed away or suppressed back then, the time to seeking justice for my own kind is now.”

The moment he finished, Baal’s aura began to swell, causing everyone to stagger back in fear. Baal’s reaction told Jared that demon spirits were indeed wrongfully accused.

There might really be a conspiracy behind the Celestial Battle. Just being a demon spirit doesn’t make one evil. Take Demon Sect as an example, they have plenty of kind disciples inside. At that moment, the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace no longer made a sound. All of a sudden, Evangeline screamed, “Ah!”

Given her missing soul and the fact that she was inhabited by a spirit for a long time, the spirit’s departure came as an unbearable shock. One that caused her to collapse onto the ground. “Ms. Gunderson…”

The sudden turn of events stunned Jared. Chester had entrusted his daughter to Jared, hoping that he could help her recover. If anything were to happen to her, there was no way Jared could bring himself to face him.

Before Jared could rush to her side, Baal unexpectedly waved his hand, pulling her body up to him. He gave her a quick glance before stroking her head gently with his palm, causing Evangeline to open her eyes abruptly.

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