The Mans Decree Chapter 1977

It was evident that the gulf between the two was huge. “Jared, I admit you’re the strongest adversary I have encountered in the mundane world!” Malphas brought the hand placed behind him to the front.

“Cut the cr*p. Let’s finish this,” Jared snapped. Despite his words, Jared’s attention was focused on the altar instead of Malphas. It was imperative that he either destroy the altar or stop the spiritual energy revival.

His observation told him that the spiritual energy revival was caused by the light shot into the sky by the altar. If only he could cut the light off, he might have a chance to end the phenomenon. “Do you have a death wish, kid?”

An insidious glint flashed across Malphas’ eyes as he narrowed them. Thereafter, his palms released an explosive aura. With murderous intent, Malphas unleashed the full glory of his cultivation before throwing a palm strike at Jared.

The impending attack caused Jared’s expression to drastically change. As the scorching hot and deathly aura bored down on him, Jared felt as if a massive mountain was collapsing on him.

However, just as he was staring into the eyes of death, his body disappeared in a flash and looked as if it was teleported to the side. Boom! Even though Malphas’ palm struck thin air, the impact sent a tremor across the earth, leaving a ten-meter-wide crater in the ground.

The sight of the crater sent a chill down everyone’s spine. If the strike had connected, Jared would have been crushed by the impact regardless of how tough he was. Malphas was shocked to have missed his target. Then, a solemn look flashed across his eyes..

Paying Malphas no heed, Jared activated Golem Body without hesitation. Once his body was covered in golden scales, he leaped into the air and swung his sword down on the altar.

“Hmph, didn’t I tell you that you’re incapable of destroying it?” Malphas scoffed when he saw. how persistent Jared was. It had never crossed his mind that the altar. wasn’t Jared’s target. Instead, he was trying to sever the ray of light.

Although he had managed to cut through it, the light was broken into two momentarily before it shot up into the sky again. It was a fact that light could never be cut. The only way to stop it was to block it.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! After Jared unleashed another three slashes, Dragonslayer Sword he was holding began to dim. He tried to reinvigorate it with the Power of Dragons again. Yet, his efforts were futile. It felt as if Dragonslayer Sword’s sword spirit was wounded, which wasn’t a surprise given the power carried within the light.

“Hahaha, Jared, are you a fool? How is it possible for you to cut off a light that connects heaven and earth with a sword? Unless you block the light with something stronger than your physical body, there’s no way you can stop the spiritual energy revival.”

Jared’s plan to sever the ray of light instead of destroying the altar amused Malphas. Light can only be blocked. One can’t cut it in two. Malphas’ words reminded Jared of the blood demon corpse inside his Storage Ring.

Its body is significantly stronger than mine. I’m sure it’s capable of blocking the light. Holding that thought, Jared retrieved it from his Storage Ring.

The sight of Jared pulling a corpse out of thin air gave everyone a shock. Many of them weren’t even aware of the existence of the blood demon. As for Malphas, witnessing Jared’s actions filled him with a sense of excitement. Nonetheless, he hid his emotions and pretended to panic instead.

The blood demon corpse was flung onto the altar next. Just as expected, its toughness allowed it to block the light in its entirety. As a result, the intensity of the spiritual energy engulfing the land was drastically reduced.

Watching Jared take the bait filled Malphas with elation. A glowing white light was immediately emitted from his palms. Staying vigilant, Jared put away his sword and braced himself to intercept Malphas’ palm strike.

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