The Mans Decree Chapter 1976

Jose was filled with heartache as he gazed upon the shattered remains of the Elite Eighteen. He never anticipated that Malphas’ strength would be so frightful!

“Do you really think you can destroy the divine altar with your measly abilities? That’s simply wishful thinking. Let me tell you, this altar is made of Kohron’s frigid iron. If you were able to destroy it, wouldn’t you be ruining the reputation of Kohron?” Malphas sneered at Jared. “Since I can’t destroy the altar, I’ll destroy you…”

Jared’s eyes burst with a bright light as he stared at Malphas. Malphas did not know why he felt uncomfortable being stared at by Jared. After all, the man was only a Martial Arts Marquis. There was no way he could be a threat.

Now that he had used the power of the altar to reincarnate, his strength was much stronger than when he was a soul spirit. But even so, he still felt pressure from Jared’s gaze.

“Die!” Jared roared and charged toward Malphas. He leaped from the ground and swung his sword, with the spiritual power inside his body wildly circulating. A terrifying oppressive aura constantly emanated from Jared’s body, causing even those far away to feel it.

Skylar became stunned when he felt the aura. emanating from Jared. At this moment, the man seemed like a ferocious beast, even more terrifying than when he was at the peak of Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Despite so, it did not mean he was capable of defeating Malphas.

The Elite Eighteen’s self-destruction did not manage to hurt the spirit one bit. As a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, it was even more unlikely for him to destroy Malphas. No one believed Jared would win!

“Jared, you are too arrogant. The useless. mortals around you made you feel invincible. Today, I shall teach you a lesson by reminding you of your true self.”

Malphas laughed coldly at Jared’s overconfidence, which he believed stemmed from feeling invincible in the mortal world. It did not matter that the man’s formidable strength. surpassed that of the peak of the Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

To strike Jared, Malphas placed one hand behind his back and slowly pushed the other hand forward, releasing an incredibly fierce aura that rushed toward his opponent. He wanted to demonstrate his power to make Jared beg for mercy with just one hand.

Jared, however, remained calm despite the spirit’s arrogance. He knew that the more his opponent underestimated him, the greater his chances of victory. Even if he wasn’t confident in defeating Malphas, he had enough knowledge to defend himself.

In the next moment, Jared swiftly swung his sword, unleashing a powerful energy toward Malphas. The man still retained his arrogant composure, keeping one hand behind his back, while using the other to showcase the consequences of disobeying it.

But Jared remained unfazed, focusing his attention on his Dragonslayer Sword. The Power of Dragons surged through him, transforming into golden dragons that attacked Malphas.

Boom! The sword energy collided fiercely with the palm wind, unleashing a powerful aura that swept through like a hurricane. Even people hundreds of meters away could feel its power! The mountain range crumbled, and rocks flew in every direction.

With this strike, Jared’s inner Power of Dragons burst out like a ferocious beast, colliding with Malphas’ strike. The contact caused Malphas’ expression to change slightly.

He had assumed that defeating Jared would be easy, but now he realized the immense power of the man’s sword. It was almost as powerful as a newly-ranked Martial Arts Saint!

Malphas’ expression turned grimmer as he wanted to teach Jared a lesson and show off his strength, but it seemed that he had underestimated him!

“Mr. Malphas?” Skylar looked at the spirit in shock. Jared’s expression was likewise solemn. He had almost used up all his strength, but his opponent had still easily blocked his attack with one hand behind his back.

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