The Mans Decree Chapter 1974

Flaxseed could not afford to be careless when dealing with Malphas. He gathered all his aura and suddenly unleashed dozens of densely packed charms from his body. These charms rushed toward the spirit like sharp blades.

“Charms Unison!” Flaxseed shouted, channeling his inner power to unleash a move he had practiced for his entire life. He needed to hold back Malphas to create time for Jared. As everyone watched Flaxseed unleash his ultimate move, they could not help but be amazed.

Even Jared was surprised because he had never expected Flaxseed, who was always carefree, to have such a remarkable technique.

However, it was clear that Flaxseed was using this desperate move because, after this move, he did not have any more charms on his body. For a charm master, not having charms was like a tiger without teeth!

Countless charms carrying an endless terrifying aura rushed toward Malphas and surrounded him in an instant! Skylar’s face became grim as he could see the tremendous power of this move. If Malphas could not resist it, they would definitely be defeated. However, Malphas merely sneered with disdain.

Despite being surrounded by dozens of charms, he did not even flinch or move an inch. “This is child’s play. How dare you flaunt them before me? You must be tired of living.”

Malphas then made a subtle hand gesture with no sign of exertion or energy. Everyone was puzzled about his intentions; even Jared struggled to comprehend the force behind the enemy’s seemingly effortless movement.

However, as Malphas waved his hand, Flaxseed, who approached it, suddenly turned pale. He could feel an overwhelming pressure rushing toward him as if an avalanche was about to crush him.

He realized that Malphas’ seemingly harmless move was capable of earth-shattering effects. Yet, no one else seemed to sense it. It was a testament to Malphas’ terrifying strength.

In an instant, Flaxseed’s body flew back like a kite with a broken string, and the dozens of charms that had surrounded him instantly exploded into ash, disappearing in the wind. Throughout the whole time, Malphas never moved from his spot, only merely waving his hand slightly. “Mr. Flaxseed…”

“Flaxseed!” Jared and Jessica rushed to him in a panic. The latter’s eyes were filled with concern as she hugged Flaxseed tightly, tears streaming down her face.

Cough! Cough! After letting out a cough, Flaxseed urged Jared, “Malphas is too powerful. Find a chance to escape. You’re no match for him!” Jared frowned slightly. Although he knew Malphas was strong, he could not let these people occupy the altar. If they did, the chances of him rescuing Josephine would be even more unlikely!

“Mr. Flaxseed, don’t worry about it.” Jared turned to Jessica and said, “Take Mr. Flaxseed back to the palace.” Jessica nodded and went to help Flaxseed make his exit. However, he refused to leave and said to her, “I’m fine. I won’t die. With such a beautiful lady like you accompanying me, how will I bear to die? Let me stay…”

When she saw that Flaxseed was not in mortal danger, she could not help but roll her eyes. “You’re still fooling around even at a critical time like this…”

Jared summoned Dragonslayer Sword and looked coldly at Malphas. But just as he was about to attack Malphas, a group of people suddenly launched a suicidal attack! The most prominent feature of these attackers was their bald heads!

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