The Mans Decree Chapter 1973

“Jared, what about you?” Astrid asked Jared. “I’ll be fine. These rocks can’t hurt me. You all should hurry up and go,” he urged. “Mr. Chance, take care.” With that, Fernando pulled Astrid along and ran outside.

At that instant, many people also registered what was happening. Seeing the collapsing ancient ruins, they also started sprinting outward. However, not many people could escape as the passageway was very narrow. Fortunately, because of Jared’s reminder, Fernando and Godrick managed to get away.

Rumble! A violent tremor erupted, followed by the fall of massive boulders. Everyone stopped fighting and ran for their lives. Flaxseed and Verner returned to Jared’s side.

“Mr. Chance.” Verner was puzzled to see Jared not making his way out of the ancient ruins. “Mr. Flaxseed, whether we’ll be crushed to death by the rocks or not depends on you now,” Jared chirped at Flaxseed.

“Consider this simple task done!” Flaxseed took out a few pieces of charm and casually drew a few strokes on them. Then, he hurled the papers upward, and a few charms began to rotate above their heads, effectively blocking the falling boulders atop them.

Upon seeing that, Verner turned to look at Flaxseed with eyes filled with shock and envy. Meanwhile, Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors gathered around Malphas. Malphas emitted a series of auras, enveloping all of them..

Even if the mountain collapsed, neither they nor the altar would be harmed.

Boom! The mountain truly began falling apart, sending clouds of dust to linger in the air as giant rocks fell incessantly. Many people who failed to escape were crushed to death by the falling stones, while others wailed in agony.

Regrettably, no one could help anyone else at a time like that. The collapse lasted for more than ten minutes. In the end, the entire small hill caved in. The people who had successfully gotten out stared at the wreckage with dazed expressions and were at a loss for what to do.

Although Jose and the others made it out alive, many were still trapped inside. As a result, they lost about half of their forces. “Jared! Jared!” Astrid called out desperately at the rubble. “Don’t worry. Jared will be all right,” Evangeline held Astrid and said.

“How do you know that, Evangeline?” “He wouldn’t be Jared if he was so easily crushed to death. Besides, I can sense his aura. If he’s dead, how could his aura still be present?” Evangeline elaborated. Hearing that, Astrid calmed down a little.

Rumble! Suddenly, the hill that had quietened down started shaking again. The next second, pieces of rocks scattered everywhere. Soon, Jared and the others reappeared. Skylar and his party also cleared away the boulders surrounding them, exposing the altar. Many people were astounded to see Jared and his group unharmed.

Still, Jared was aware that even though they had withstood the damage caused by the collapse, they had expended a great deal of spiritual energy.

The same was true for their opponents, including Malphas and the four Black Gold Robe warriors. Resisting the crumbling of a mountain wouldn’t have been easy for them either.

“Jose, this is the perfect opportunity to attack. What are you waiting for? Do you want to wait for them to recover their strength?” Jared shouted at the bewildered Jose.

Only then did Jose regain his senses. He glanced at Claus, who also grasped Jared’s intention. They nodded and charged toward Skylar and his party once more.

Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors immediately engaged Claus and the others in at battle. It was evident that the four Black Gold Robe warriors’ auras had significantly weakened, seemingly because holding out against a collapsing mountain had also drained too much of their stamina.

Even so, Malphas still didn’t move an inch, staying in front of the altar and guarding it, not allowing Jared a chance to act. Fathoming Jared’s intent, Flaxseed uttered, “Jared, I’ll distract that old demon to provide you with an opening to strike that altar.”

Without waiting for Jared’s response, Flaxseed leaped forward and dashed toward Malphas.

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