The Mans Decree Chapter 1971

Skylar slowly walked towards the altar, completely ignoring everyone. Four Black Gold Robes stood on his left and right, and everyone else could only watch in silence.

Even Claus frowned. He would have brought more fighters if he knew this would happen. Now that the spiritual energy was restored, they were no longer suppressed by the laws of nature, and their strength was restored.

Jared looked at Skylar, who was getting closer to the altar, and clenched his fists, but Jared was gently held back by Flaxseed, who shook his head.

All four Black Gold Robes were Martial Arts Saints. Jared had no chance of winning if he were to fight now. Besides, the people around them all had their own motives, so no one would help them.

Skylar reached the altar, basking in the aura emanating from his body as he appeared to enjoy himself. Soon, Skylar’s body began to tremble violently, and then a black shadow slowly separated from Skylar’s body.

The imposing aura emanating from Skylar’s body weakened considerably after the shadow separated. The shadow stood in front of the altar and placed its hand gently on it.

Then, a beam of light entered the shadow’s body, and the shadow slowly took form, eventually turning into a living person.It was Malphas, who used to live inside Skylar’s body.

Malphas looked at his body and suddenly burst out laughing maniacally, “Hahaha! The spiritual energy is restored, and I no longer have to survive in darkness…”

Although Skylar’s strength had decreased considerably due to the separation of Malphas from his body, he dared not complain and quickly knelt down on the ground.

“Welcome back to the world of the living, Mr. Malphas!” Skylar announced at the top of his lungs. The four Black Gold Robes also knelt down, shouting in unison.

Many of the people from various sects and prestigious families who saw everything before them couldn’t help but take a deep breath. They had no idea that the people in front of them were all demonic cultivators.

“Skylar, tell these people to leave. If they don’t, they will die. Warriors Alliance has taken over this place now,” Malphas said to Skylar. Skylar nodded and then looked at the people around him.

“Malphas has ordered you to leave. You will all die if you don’t,” Skylar shouted arrogantly like a bully. However, these people had all come for Encanta Island, and it was not likely for them to leave that easily.

Seeing that the people were not responding, Skylar’s face turned cold. “I’ll give you only one minute to leave. Those who don’t leave will die here!”

Jose and the others exchanged glances with each other. Not only did they have to face four Black Gold Robes together, and now there was this Malphas. Obviously, Malphas was much stronger than the four Black Gold Robes.

They couldn’t beat them, especially since they were all fighting for themselves, and there was no unity among them. “You are being too arrogant,” Claus said slowly as he walked toward them.

There was no mistaking that the aura emanated from him was from a Martial Arts Saint. Even his subordinates had all attained Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

This kind of strength surprised everyone. They had not expected that among this group of people, there would be someone who had reached Martial Arts Saint.

Skylar could sense that it was Claus. He frowned, for he hadn’t expected that there would be a Martial Arts Saint amongst the group. However, Skylar was not afraid since only Claus had attained Martial Arts Saint.

Skylar was surprised, given that there were only very few Martial Arts Saints in the entire martial arts world. If not for the support of Evil Heart Sect, these Black Gold Robes would never have reached the level of Martial Arts Saints.

Who, then, is this young Martial Arts Saint standing before me? Which family does he come from? How could he have attained Martial Arts Saint at such a young age?

Just as Skylar was puzzled, Malphas coldly sneered, “How dare a menial young man of the small, insignificant Waxing Crescent Castle come forward and speak such big words? Even if your father, Brad Lassen, were here, he wouldn’t dare to make such a claim…”

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