The Mans Decree Chapter 1966

After three smacks, Jared bit his middle finger until it bled before wiping the blood on the eyes of the unicorn. The second Jared’s blood seeped into the unicorn’s eyes, a flash of white light appeared. As if it had been brought to life, the eyes of the unicorn on the boulder flicked from side to side.

Then, with a cry, the unicorn leaped off the boulder. At that, everyone fearfully scurried backward. They had never seen a strange creature like that, let alone a live one.

However, the unicorn did not attack anyone. After walking around, it flashed white and disappeared. At the same time, the unicorn carving on the boulder was gone.

Instantly, everybody turned to Jared. They had never encountered something like this before. Since unicorns were mythical creatures, there had been no actual sightings of one. Does the appearance of the mythical beast signify the imminence of the spiritual energy restoration?

“M-Mr. Chance, where did that… Where did that unicorn go to?” Verner blurted out. He wanted to take another look at that unicorn, and it would be even better if he could get to ride it.

Just as Jared was about to explain to him with a smile, Flaxseed said, “That’s no unicorn. It was just an illusion. This boulder had a Unicorn Load Arcane Array. That’s why no one could destroy the boulder earlier. No one would be able to pick up anything that had this arcane array cast on it, not even if it was a needle. It’s just a simple restraining arcane array, but some people are ignorant and can’t recognize it.”

Flaxseed’s words were clearly meant for Jose and the others. Although Jose was angry, he could not lose his temper. After all, Flaxseed was speaking the truth-he did not notice the arcane array.

At the moment, bolts of heavenly thunder were still striking. Many had already died, so the people did not dwell on the matter for long. Once the arcane array had been gotten rid of, Jose smashed the boulder.

The second the entrance was open, the people surged toward the outside. Everyone was sprinting as quickly as they could, fearing that the bolts of heavenly thunder would strike them if they were a second too slow.

As Jose and the others approached the doorway, gusts of wind suddenly swept toward them. Although Jose managed to dodge them, the people following him were not as fortunate; upon being hit by the wind, they perished.

Jose fearfully looked out, only to find that Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors were blocking the entrance. If any of them ran out, they would certainly be killed.

The exit was heavily guarded by four Martial Arts Saints, making it impossible for even a bug to escape unnoticed. Jose quickly retreated, hesitant to venture out further. Yet, at the same time, the people behind him were anxiously trying to move forward.

The people at the front were pushed out. Immediately, the Black Gold Robe warriors outside killed them. The crowd instantly stopped moving, and those who were still in the ancient ruins had to start dodging the attack of the heavenly thunder.

“Hahaha! Give up! You’ll never be able to come back out alive after going in.” Skylar was laughing boisterously outside. Many among the crowd began hurling insults at Skylar, but Skylar was unbothered by them.

“What do we do now, Jared? We can’t leave either. Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors are blocking the exit,” Godrick worriedly said to Jared.

Jared furrowed his brows, staring at the empty ancient ruins. He was at a loss for ideas too. Jared would stand no chance against the Black Gold Robe warriors even if he were to force his way out. They were Martial Arts Saints, after all.

Furthermore, Jose and the others had retreated back in. The passageway was filled with bodies, and those bodies were stopping others from moving out.

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