The Mans Decree Chapter 1962

The others grimaced as well upon seeing the man in black-gold robes, who had just taken action. Initially, everyone’s abilities were more or less equal, but the sudden appearance of a Martial Arts Saint clearly broke that balance.

Meanwhile, Jose cautiously sized up Skylar, then shifted his gaze onto the four black-gold- robed men behind the latter. Since their auras were concealed, Jose couldn’t be sure whether all four were Martial Arts Saints. If they are all Martial Arts Saints, we’ll have no choice but to yield since their presence will render us irrelevant. “Who exactly are you?” Jose asked Skylar with a frown.

“I’ve already told you. I just think you’re being unfair. Why should you be the only ones allowed to enter the ancient ruins? These ruins don’t belong to your family. If you’re going in, everyone should be allowed to enter too. Do you all agree with me?” Skylar asked, turning to the members of the other families.

“That’s right. Who are you to monopolize the ancient ruins?” “If we’re going in, all of us should do it together. Otherwise, nobody should enter.” “If you anger me, I’ll blow myself up and destroy this hill so no one can have it.”

The crowd echoed Skylar’s sentiments. They had been resentful, but due to Jose’s side’s overwhelming strength, they had no choice but to suppress their grievances before. Now that someone had stood up for them, they quickly aligned themselves with Skylar’s faction..

Jose’s face darkened as he listened to the crowd’s remarks. His eyes filled with rage as he stared at Skylar. If it weren’t for him, we would’ve entered the ancient ruins already and perhaps even acquired the treasures inside.

“Don’t assume you can disregard us simply because you have the support of a Martial Arts Saint. If so many of us join forces, what difference does it make if you have one Martial Arts Saint to back you up?” Jose uttered through gritted teeth.

He didn’t believe all four people behind Skylar were Martial Arts Saints. Martial Arts Saints would be too common and invaluable if that were the case.

Unbeknownst to Jose, Martial Arts Saints were indeed a dime a dozen in the secret realm. However, those from the secret realm wouldn’t easily come to the mundane world, leading the public to mistakenly think Martial Arts Saints were few and far between and held an invincible status.

“If you aren’t willing to admit defeat, I can give you a chance to join forces. However, if you lose, you must let everyone enter the ancient ruins,” Skylar said to Jose.

Skylar’s request left Jose somewhat baffled. The latter couldn’t understand why Skylar kept insisting on allowing everyone to go into the ancient ruins. This is illogical!

Nevertheless, that wasn’t an appropriate time for Jose to carefully mull the situation over. “Fine. I agree. I don’t believe that the five of you can withstand the attacks from so many of us.”

Jose gnashed his teeth, and the long sword in his hand began to hum. “It’s not going to be five people, but only four.” With that, Skylar stepped back, leaving the four men in black-gold robes to face Jose.

Poker-faced, Jose addressed the numerous families he had allied with, “Whether we can occupy these ancient ruins depends on this strike. I hope everyone will give it their all.”

After saying that, Jose led the group and charged directly toward the four black-gold- robed men. Over a dozen weapons, laced with immense. martial energies, enveloped the four men in black-gold robes.

Those martial energies converged, creating a powerful attack that crashed toward the four men in black-gold robes like a meteorite.

On the other hand, disdain filled the faces of those four men. They appeared nonchalant even when facing the combined attack of more than a dozen people. The four men in black- gold robes raised their hands, releasing four dominating auras that spread in all directions.

Jose and the others were instantaneously sent flying away by those auras before they could even get close to the four men.

Over a dozen martial artists were blown away before they could even touch the hem of their opponents’ clothes. Notably, those people were Greater Martial Arts Marquises in the advanced phase, and some even wielded sacred martial arts relics.

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