The Mans Decree Chapter 1960

As his thirst for retribution grew, he grew increasingly determined to trap Jared within the ancient ruins. There was no way he would let Jared become any more powerful, or he would never succeed in avenging his father’s death.

Upon recovering from the shock, many individuals soon regained their senses and swarmed toward the ancient ruins. Anyone who entered the ancient ruins first would get the upper hand.

Before they could enter the ancient ruins, Jose suddenly swung his sword out. The terrifying sword energy severed the first few individuals in front of the crowd. “Anyone who dared to enter the ancient ruins shall die!” he hollered.

Jose’s men blocked the entrance to the ancient ruins. Clearly, they wanted to monopolize the entire place. Their faction was vast in numbers, giving them. the audacity to be incredibly assertive.

The other sects and prestigious families protested angrily at their actions. “Let’s retreat,” Jared announced. He was aware that both sides were about to engage in a battle, and so he instructed Fernando, Verner, and the rest of his companions to retreat.

Right after they retreated, the battle began. No one was willing to give up, so everyone rushed forward while Jose and his men attempted to prevent them from progressing.

The sound of weapons clashing was deafening, and the anguished cries of those who were hurt or killed filled the air. Jose had planned everything beforehand and joined forces with many families which enabled them to gain an advantage over the rest.

In around ten minutes, the entire place was colored with blood, and bodies were strewn everywhere. It was a horrible sight. Jared stared at the scene, his face devoid of expression. However, at that moment, he grew increasingly determined to stop the recovery of spiritual energy.

Many families were already embroiled in a violent fight even before the recovery of spiritual energy. Should spiritual energy be restored and the families from secret realms be able to return to the mundane world, this same unfortunate occurrence would likely spread to the rest of the world.

Soon, the battle came to an end. Jose and his comrades remained at the entrance, blocking the other families from entering. All they could do was glare at them with frustration and rage, powerless to do anything else.

Jose and his companions had a clear advantage over their opponents. Within the course of ten minutes, the opposing families had sustained a considerable loss and did not dare to press forward with their attack. Right then, a middle-aged man with an injured arm stepped out. He had obviously gotten hurt in the fight earlier.

He went over to Jose and gave the latter a polite nod. “Mr. Danaher, both of us come from. martial arts families and so we both understand the importance of loyalty to our respective masters. There is no animosity between us, so I implore you to not be too extreme in your actions. We are willing to let you enter the ancient ruins first, but we ask that you do not block the entrance and deny us entry. If we continue to fight, even if you and your men end up as the victor, it will be a narrow victory. How many of your men will be left standing? Don’t forget that there is still someone watching us from the sidelines. You won’t be able to take control of the ancient ruins in such a situation.”

Having failed to defeat Jose’s faction, they wanted to reason with Jose. Jose took a quick glance at Jared and noticed that Jared, along with Verner, Fernando, Godrick, and the like did not take part in the unfolding altercation.

Fernando and Godrick’s men were low-ranking martial artists, yet Verner’s forces were composed of many Greater Martial Arts Marquises. Although Jared’s faction had a substantial number of people, their collective capabilities were not particularly impressive. That was why Jose had the audacity to act this way.

He knew there was a possibility that Jared would watch in safety while others fight, then reap the spoils when both sides suffer. There was no way he’d let that happen.

Jose had been hiding a secret weapon up his sleeve. He had brought along the Elite Eighteen, but they didn’t do anything until this point as they were keeping an eye on Jared.

“Stop wasting your time talking nonsense. If you don’t want to die, scram. If you still want to enter the ancient ruins, let’s continue fighting!” Marcelo marched forward and yelled.

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