The Mans Decree Chapter 1955

“Mr. Chance, all the prestigious families in the secret realm have sent men to Encanta Island here. As such, the Gunderson family has to follow suit. Great Elder has told us to help you to the best of our ability. As long as spiritual energy is revived and we gain control of Encanta Island, the Gunderson family will have a leg up,” Fernando answered frankly.

The instant Jared heard that, he knew that Chester was aware of the imminent revival of spiritual energy on Encanta Island and wanted to occupy the place.

Precisely because every family shared the same sentiments, a bloody battle was bound to break out. Meanwhile, Jared was determined to stop such a bloodbath.

“Honestly speaking, Mr. Gunderson, my purpose in coming to Encanta Island this time isn’t to occupy this place. Instead, it’s to prevent the revival of spiritual energy,” he divulged bluntly.

At that, Fernando was visibly shocked. Nonetheless, he knew that the man’s words were an order. All he could do was obey. “The Gunderson family adheres to your arrangements, Mr. Chance,” he stated firmly without asking about the reason behind Jared’s decision.

Time flew past, and soon, it had been more. than ten days since Jared and the others. arrived on Encanta Island.

In the past ten-odd days, things on Encanta Island had been surprisingly peaceful. Other than the groups of people who arrived one after another in the beginning, hardly anyone came in the subsequent days..

In a hotel, Skylar stood beyond the window, gazing out at the entire Encanta Island. “Sir, it’s almost time, yes?” he asked unhurriedly. “Yes, it’s time now. Give the order to activate the Mountain Defense Formation,” the spirit within him replied.

Nodding, Skylar swiftly summoned two Black Gold Robe warriors and headed toward the hill in the middle of Encanta Island. Shortly after, the whole of Encanta Island started shaking as though there was an earthquake.

At the same time, bursts of light started flashing on the hill in the middle of Encanta Island. That sudden abnormality attracted everyone’s attention at once.

Standing at the highest point in the palace, Jared frowned as he stared at the glowing hill in the middle of the island.

“Mr. Chance, we heard that there are ancient ruins here as soon as we arrived, but no one found them. Could it be that they’re manifesting now because the revival of spiritual energy is imminent? Verner wondered, his eyes fixed on the glowing hill in the distance.

Jared remained silent, for he had no idea whether the ancient ruins were about to manifest. However, he knew that the sudden glow of light from the hill before his eyes was definitely no anomaly but the activation of a massive arcane array.

Despite the great distance, he could sense the terrifying aura from the activation of the arcane array. Many people began swarming toward the hill in the middle of the island, afraid that they would lag behind.

“Ancient ruins have manifested on Encanta Island, Jared. They’re all claiming that there’s an altar in the ancient ruins, and it’s the altar that would bring about the revival of spiritual energy. That aside, some are even saying that whoever gets onto the altar first will trigger a celestial phenomenon and gain immortality.” Godrick uttered frantically when he reached Jared, panting heavily.

From the look of things, he had made many inquiries out there.

Jared believed the first half of it as Encanta Island would not have been chosen for the revival of spiritual energy for no reason. Moreover, as the overlord of the generations, the blood demon would never trap its own body on the island to await a resurrection.

Hence, there must be some secret about Encanta Island unknown to them. But then, the attainment of immortality in the latter half was clearly nonsensical talk. “Why don’t we go and have a look as well, Mr. Chance?”

Although Jared was skeptical about it, Verner was beyond excited beside him. We’ve got to go and witness such a thing personally! Regardless of its veracity, we’ll know after going there for a look!

“Let’s go.” Jared dipped his head in assent. By the time Jared and the others rushed over, the hill had long since been surrounded by a horde of people. A near distance away, an ancient stone door slowly took shape.

Everyone gawked at the stone door with stars in their eyes. It was as though there were infinite riches behind that stone door.

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