The Mans Decree Chapter 1954

Hearing that, Skylar waved his hand, gesturing for the Black Gold Robe warriors to step back. He cast Jared a cold glare and warned, “Just you wait, Jared. After I resolve everything here, I’ll settle the score with you.”

Skylar stormed out of the bar with his Black Gold Robe warriors in tow. The minute Skylar turned on his heels, Jared let out a breath of relief. It was still quite stressful for him to face four Black Gold Robe warriors without help..

These people would’ve subdued Jared if they hadn’t suffered a backlash from trying to greedily absorb Jared’s spiritual energy. “Let’s go too, Mr. Chance,” said Verner with cold sweat beading his forehead at the close call.

Jared nodded and left with Verner while Claus. sat in the bar in a daze, his eyes filled with mixed feelings. “Mr. Lassen, none of those Demonic Cultivators earlier were beneath you in terms of rank. What should we do?” asked one of Claus’ followers.

Claus didn’t respond. Instead, he merely scrunched his brows. He initially thought he was definitely within the top rung of elites in the mundane world despite the restraints of the laws of nature. However, his worldview was revolutionized when he ran into four Black Gold Robe warriors from Warriors Alliance immediately after stepping out of the secret realm. The demonstration of their formidable power dealt a heavy blow to his inflated ego.

Another one of Claus’ lackeys wondered out loud, “I’m sure those Demonic Cultivators come from the secret realm as well, but their abilities don’t seem to be bound by the laws of nature.”

“Didn’t you guys notice the spirits living in those Demonic Cultivators? That means their physiques are those of ordinary martial artists in the mundane world, and the spirits within are the real Demonic Cultivators. The laws of nature don’t apply to spirits. Those Demonic Cultivators took advantage of that loophole to run amok in the mundane world,” Claus explained solemnly..

“But that young man doesn’t look like a Demonic Cultivator. Yet, his aura isn’t weak,” said one of Claus’ lackeys. “Maybe that man is also a young heir that comes from another secret realm.”

Claus was very interested in Jared’s identity. Het wanted to find out if Jared came from a secret realm. “What is our next step, Mr. Lassen?” asked the lackey.

Claus thought he could easily take the reins of the mundane world, but it seemed like he was wrong. There were many elites hiding and keeping a low profile.

“We’ll conceal our abilities and observe the situation. Let’s not make any moves unless absolutely necessary.” Claus dug into his food after that..

Jared and Verner returned to the palace. The former’s expression was grim and etched with worry, for the situation on Encanta Island had exceeded his expectation.

I didn’t expect so many people and elites to come to the island! There are even other Martial Arts Saints apart from the Black Gold Robe warriors from the Warriors Alliance! Looks like it will be tough for me to try and stop the recovery of spiritual energy. “Jared,” Godrick called out as he approached. Jared with his men..

“What brings you here, Godrick?” Jared asked, surprised to see him here. “I’m not the only one who came. Mr. Gunderson is here, too. Norm sent someone to search for you in Jadeborough, but you weren’t there, so I brought my men here. Mr. Gunderson also brought members of his family.”

As Godrick spoke, Fernando walked over to Jared with a group of men trailing behind him. Astrid and Evangeline were there, too. Fernando went up to Jared and greeted him, “Mr. Chance.”

When Verner recognized Fernando, he hurriedly greeted him with respect, “Good to see you, Mr. Gunderson.” Fernando inclined his head slightly as an acknowledgment. “What brings you here, Mr. Gunderson?”

Jared was surprised to see Fernando here. Despite Fernando’s abilities, he was no more than a punching bag since the place was teeming with elites.

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