The Mans Decree Chapter 1953

Jared and Claus were preoccupied with their own thoughts as they observed each other discreetly. Before long, five men clad in black robes abruptly entered the bar and caught their attention.

Jared’s and Verner’s countenances turned cold at the appearance of the five black-robed men. They promptly grew nervous. The two recognized the men to be Skylar and his Black Gold Robe warriors. Skylar was also surprised to see Jared there..

“What a small world for us to keep running into each other, Jared. I didn’t expect to meet your here again, Skylar said with a malicious grin..

“Skylar Norton, you’re the prideful heir of the Norton family of Jadeborough. I can’t believe you’ve succumbed to being someone’s lapdog and vessel. I wonder what you think of your current state.” Jared smiled coldly.

“It’s all your fault I ended up like this, Jared! I’ll surely kill you one day. I swear!” Jared’s barb enraged Skylar. With a wave of his hand, the Black Gold Robe warriors immediately surrounded Jared..

Sensing the Black Gold Robe warriors’ auras, Jared spoke while wearing a grim expression. “This is between us, Skylar. I hope you don’t get others involved. Just come at me.”

When he was done speaking with Skylar, he turned to Verner. “Head back first, Verner. I’ll go meet you once I settle the issue here.”

Jared was well-aware that not even he and Verner’s combined forces were a match for the four Black Gold Robe warriors since they were all Martial Arts Saints.

“I won’t leave, Mr. Chance. I’ll fight with you until the very end,” Verner declared boldly.

“Hmph, it’s only a matter of minutes before I have the both of you slaughtered. Even if you’ve improved your abilities and become stronger, do you think you can defeat four Black Gold Robe warriors, Jared? They are all Martial Arts Saints. I can spare your life if you surrender,” Skylar said with contempt.

Skylar and his men had been recuperating after having their powers absorbed by Jared a few days ago. They had mostly recovered but didn’t expect to run into Jared again on Encanta Island

Skylar still held a grudge against Jared for what happened that day, so all he could think of was revenge upon bumping into Jared again. “Skylar, even though a spirit is currently inhabiting your body, I can still finish you off in less than ten moves if I want to. Do you dare to fight me?”

Jared began provoking Skylar, egging him to accept the challenge. After all, it was definitely difficult for Jared and Verner to face four Black Gold Robe warriors at once.

“Hmph, don’t even think about goading me. Do you really think I’ll take the bait? Since you refuse to surrender, I guess I’ll just have to make you admit defeat.”

Skylar gestured for the Black Gold Robe warriors to attack. In the meantime, Claus’ expression turned bleak as he sat in the corner. I can’t believe Demonic Cultivators are so powerful in the mundane world that they’ve reached the level of Martial Arts Saints! In other words, they’ve achieved the Spirit Divider stage!

Claus had assumed that since he was from the secret realm, even if he was restricted by the laws of nature, he would still be one of the strongest and that it was a piece of cake for him to obliterate the weaklings in the mundane world.

However, fear bubbled within Claus when he saw the Demonic Cultivators’ demonstration of power. He desperately tried concealing all his aura, terrified that Skylar and company might notice him.

At the same time, Jared’s aura surged violently. Waves of terrifying energy emanated from him, and it was so intense that the other customers in the bar fled in fear. Shock filled Claus when he sensed the terrifying aura radiating from Jared.

Does the mundane world already have a land with restored spiritual energy? Why aren’t these people bound by the laws of nature? Did he come from another secret realm too?

Claus couldn’t wrap his mind around how Jared cultivated to his current level. He even began wondering if Jared came from another secret realm just like him..

“Don’t start a fight now! Have you forgotten why we’re here?” shouted the spirit within Skylar’s body, filled with fury.

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