The Mans Decree Chapter 1952

Jared’s words stunned Verner, and the latter fell into deep thought. If spiritual energy is restored, the sects and prestigious families within the secret realm will return to the mundane world. The families in the mundane world will lose their status and be reduced to slaves. Moreover, the major families will fight for resources without restraint. After all, no rules can constrain them and keep them under control. As a result, the whole world will then plunge into chaos, and commoners will become insignificant ants without status in the society.

“Mr. Chance, what is your plan to stop the recovery of spiritual energy?” Verner asked. curiously. Jared frowned at his question before sighing. “I haven’t come up with a solution yet, so let’s take things one step at a time.”

As Jared and Verner chatted and drank, a man in his twenties, dressed in casual attire, walked into the bar. The man had four lackeys trailing after him.

At a glance, one could tell the man was the rich heir of a sect or a prestigious family. He swept his gaze around the bar, then crossed the room to sit in a corner.

Jared’s brows furrowed as he studied the man carefully. Noticing Jared’s expression, Verner questioned, “Do you know him, Mr. Chance?”

Jared shook his head. “I don’t, but I sense something odd about his aura. Even though he’s intentionally suppressing his aura, I get the impression that his rank surpasses Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Or, at the very least, he’s a Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.”

Verner stole a few glances at the young man, too. Jared’s analysis had piqued his curiosity. “I don’t see anything special about him. He looks like a typical rich heir. There are a lot of them on Encanta Island. Also, isn’t it basically impossible to achieve the rank of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis or a Martial Arts Saint at such a young age? You’re the most talented person I’ve ever met, Mr. Chance. Yet, not even you have achieved the rank of Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis. How can anyone surpass you?”

“He’s not a martial artist,” Jared stated casually. “Not a martial artist?” Verner was baffled. “Is he a spiritual energy cultivator, then? Is he from the secret realm?”

Jared didn’t answer any of Verner’s questions because he wasn’t sure if the young man came from the secret realm. However, among all the spiritual energy cultivators he had met in the mundane world, he had never encountered such a powerful spiritual energy cultivator, except for the possessed Demonic Cultivators from the Warriors Alliance.

After all, the laws of nature weren’t fun and games. Spiritual energy cultivators in the mundane world were restrained by it. Thus, their abilities could never achieve such a high level.

However, if the young man was from one of the secret realms, he would be subjected to the suppression of his power development, which would ultimately result in stagnancy and even demotion in terms of strength.

Who would want something like that to happen. to them? That was why cultivators from the secret realm wouldn’t enter the mundane world unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, chaos would’ve ensued.

The young man’s gaze flitted toward Jared while the latter was scrutinizing him. Their eyes met for a split second, but they soon averted their gazes simultaneously.

Jared was certain the young man possessed powerful abilities. Meanwhile, creases marred the young man’s forehead.

“Mr. Lassen-

At that moment, one of the young man’s lackeys piped up but was cut short by a fierce glare.

The young man was none other than Claus. In order to not attract any attention, he only brought a handful of men with him and even intentionally concealed his aura. To his dismay, Jared kept his eyes trained on him since he entered.

At the same time, Claus also sensed the fluctuations of spiritual energy emanating from Jared, which was a unique feature that only spiritual energy cultivators possessed. As such, he was confident Jared was a spiritual energy cultivator.

He could also tell that Jared possessed the ability of an Eighth Level Manifestor, which was equal to an Eighth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Such formidable capability was rare in the mundane world, as one could never defy the restrictions of the laws of nature. It was exceptionally challenging for cultivators from the mundane world to achieve the Manifestor level.

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