The Mans Decree Chapter 1951

“Shut up, Marcelo,” Jose reprimanded Marcelo. He knew that it was not the appropriate time for Marcelo to let his anger get the better of him. If they got into a fight right then, it would only benefit the other sects and prestigious families.

Not a single conflict arose even though many sects and prestigious families had gathered on Encanta Island because they were all preserving their strengths and refraining from fighting over trivial matters.

Marcelo’s words infuriated Verner, and the latter uttered with a vicious glare, “Marcelo Garcia, I swear that if you dare say another word…”

He was about to throw a punch at Marcelo but was stopped by Jose. “Calm down, Verner. Just ignore Marcelo..

That’s just the way he speaks.” Marcelo suppressed his anger after hearing. Jose’s words. “Forget it, Verner.” Clenching his jaw, Verner reluctantly took two steps back after Jared piped up.

Noticing how Verner complied with Jared’s words, Jose turned to Jared and tried persuading him instead, “Mr. Chance, I’m sure you know what will happen on Encanta Island since you came all the way here, so I hope you can consider what I just suggested. As long as we join forces, the other sects and prestigious families won’t dare to defy us. We can allocate the territories once the spiritual energy has recovered. It’s better than staying divided and being wiped out by other sects and prestigious families, right?”

However, Jared merely flashed the man a faint smile and responded, “Thank you so much for your offer, but I prefer to do things on my own. Sorry about that.”

The meaning behind Jared’s words was clear. He would not ally with Jose and the others. Jose furrowed his brows slightly as soon as he heard that, for he did not expect Jared to turn him down so quickly.

Just as he was about to say something, Marcelo spoke up. “Who do you think you are, Jared? Don’t think of yourself as the strongest in the world. Take a look at everyone who came to Encanta Island. There are so many Greater Martial Arts Marquises. You’ll surely die a horrible death if you’re on your own.”

“Whether I will die or not doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, does it?”

Jared stared at Marcelo impassively with a hint of frostiness in his eyes. The latter was so frightened by the vicious look in Jared’s eyes that he was cowed into silence.

Jose had no choice but to turn to Verner. “What’s your stance in this matter, Verner?” he asked. Verner replied without hesitation, “Of course, I’ll follow Mr. Chance. Is there a need to ask?” “I hope you’ll think about it, Verner. Although Jared is now…”

“All right, that’s enough. If there’s nothing else, we’re leaving!” Verner interrupted Jose before he could finish. The latter’s expression turned grim, and he uttered coldly, “Verner, we’re either friends or enemies on this island. When we meet again, I won’t show mercy.”

“Neither will I,” Verner remarked. “Let’s go, Verner,” Jared called out to Verner, and the two of them walked away. Jose gnashed his teeth so hard that a crunching noise could be heard as he watched the duo leave.

“What the heck? Verner is an idiot!” Marcelo cursed. He then said to Jose, “Let’s forget about that idiot, Jose. Just the combined. forces of our three families are unrivaled enough on this island.”

However, Jose turned around and left without responding. Meanwhile, Jared and Verner found a bar on the island. They ordered a few dishes and at bottle of wine and started drinking.

“Do you know why I didn’t ally with them, Verner?” Jared asked as he drank his wine. Verner shook his head before commenting, “With your ability, even if you don’t ally with anyone, you’ll still be invincible on this island, Mr. Chance,”

Jared burst out laughing as soon as he heard that. “I see you’ve mastered the art of flattery, Verner. I didn’t want to form the alliance because they are all anticipating the revival of the spiritual energy, whereas I want to destroy it. If the revival truly happens, the massacre will spread from Encanta Island to the whole world. People will be plunged into misery and suffering when the time comes, and all families in the martial arts world will become slaves. I believe you should be aware of the abilities of sects and prestigious families in the secret. realm. Can the martial arts world of the mundane world compete with them?”

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