The Mans Decree Chapter 1947

“Ms. Hargreaves, if I’m not mistaken, you never really enjoyed hot springs. Why do you suddenly take a liking to it? Are you still thinking about Jared? You should give up.. There’s no way he’ll ever come here,” Autumn remarked mischievously.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Autumn? I enjoy hot springs. It has nothing to do with Jared at all.” Despite her denial, Hailey found herself thinking. of her first encounter with Jared as the hot spring’s warmth enveloped her body.

The sight of Hailey daydreaming triggered a chuckle from Autumn. When Autumn’s laughter jolted her back to her senses, Hailey said, “Autumn, I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it? If it’s about leaving the secret realm to go to the mundane world, you can forget about it.” Autumn nipped the idea in the bud.

“J-Just let me go there this one time. I heard my dad mention the revival of spiritual energy on Encanta Island. We can go there for a vacation!” Hailey suggested in an adorable. tone, hoping to get Autumn to relent. “Forget it, Mr. Hargreaves has issued an order.

Whoever takes you to the mundane world will be executed. There’s no room for any discussion. Do you want me to be beheaded by Mr. Hargreaves?” Autumn retorted. Hailey shook her head reluctantly with a pout.

Meanwhile, a meeting was also going on in the nearby Waxing Crescent Castle. Given that both buildings were in the same secret realm and located close to each other, both families shared a close relationship.

Moreover, the eldest son of the Lassen family of Waxing Crescent Castle, Claus, grew up together with Hailey. Thus, both families intended for them to wed and form a marriage alliance that would strengthen the families’ political influence in the secret realm.

However, they were now faced with the impending revival of spiritual energy. If spiritual energy was fully restored, the prison-like secret realms would lose their advantage, causing numerous denizens to move out of the realms into the mundane world.

As Waxing Crescent Castle was no exception, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issues of Encanta Island. “Old Mr. Lassen, Violet Cloud Palace’s representative family in the mundane world has arrived at Encanta Island. The same can be said for other prestigious families. As for the other families in the secret realms, I’m sure they have sent their men there, too. Encanta Island is probably bursting at the seams right now,” one of the higher-ups reported to Brad Lassen, the master of Waxing Crescent Castle.

“A blood bath will occur even before the spiritual energy revival. Once it actually happens, it will turn the world’s hierarchy of power upside down. Now that every family is trying to seize the initiative, it’s a shame that our representative family in the mundane world is a failure. They only have one Greater Martial Arts Marquis which is of no use at all,” Brad fumed.

Even though Waxing Crescent Castle had also groomed a representative family in the mundane world, it was so weak that they would only end up being cannon fodder if sent to Encanta Island.

“Dad, why don’t I lead a group of men to Encanta Island? We can’t just allow the other prestigious families to conquer it, can we? Besides, I’m sure the island holds a secret for it to be the first spiritual energy revival area.”

Claus stepped forward and volunteered to head to the island. “That won’t do. Leaving the secret realm for the mundane world will cause your powers to become stagnant and potentially deteriorate.

I’m sure you’re well aware of the limits that the laws of nature in the mundane world impose on us.” Not wanting his son to risk his life, Brad shook his head.

“Dad, I can take the Spirit Stabilizing Pill. As long as my strength is secured, it won’t deteriorate even though it remains stagnant. Conquering Encanta Island and discovering the secrets behind its spiritual energy revival is a huge opportunity that we can’t afford to miss,” Claus persuaded Brad. Evidently, Claus had made up his mind a long time ago.

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