The Mans Decree Chapter 1945

He did not give chase upon seeing Skylar and his people fleeing. Instead, he focused his attention on Flaxseed and the others.

There was calmness on Jared’s face at that moment. Even before he arrived in front of Flaxseed and the others, they could already feel the intense aura coming from him.

Jared tried his best to suppress his aura. Hel knew his aura would pressure Flaxseed and the rest of them. “Mr. Flaxseed, are you all right?”

When Jared saw Flaxseed’s condition, he gave his shoulders a squeeze. A wave of spiritual energy went straight into Flaxseed’s body. All Flaxseed felt was a surge of warmth, and instantaneously, he felt so much better! Jared also tended to Verner’s and Kayson’s injuries. The two of them were now fine.

“Mr. Chance, did you achieve a breakthrough? Are you a Top Level Greater Martial Arts: Marquis now?” said Austin enviously as he looked at Jared in astonishment.

Jared clenched his fists slightly, and the strength within him raged on. “I’m only an Eighth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis so I still need some time to reach the top level. I’m afraid it’s an even longer way till I become a Martial Arts Saint.”

Although the Purple Vitality Pill had allowed Jared’s ability to improve tremendously, and he was now an advanced-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis, Jared was still a little displeased.

He didn’t think his ability would rise so many more times than other people.

If others had consumed the Purple Vitality Pill, they would have already become Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquises. In fact, some would already be Martial Arts Saints!

Yet, Jared was only an Eighth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis! “Hmm… Looks like I still have a long way to go…”

Jared let out a sigh. However, Jared was glad that he was still able to deal with those newly- minted Martial Arts Saints even though he was only an Eighth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

With his Golden Dragon’s True Form, it was very common for Jared to fight fighters who were beyond his level. As Jared’s ability rose, so did his magecraft, charm spells, and alchemy skills. Although Jared was not able to become a Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis, it was already enough.

Once they were back at the Zagorski family, Jared told them to get some rest since they were going to head to Encanta Island the next day. He wanted to think of a way to stop the spiritual energy or stop any unnecessary bloodshed.

There were quite a number of people who were staying at Encanta Island in recent years. Now that several prestigious families and sects went there, one could see the revitalization of spiritual energy.

Unfortunately, those visitors were highly skilled. There was no way Terrell could stop them if they went to Encanta Island.

If they were not careful, even the palace of the Duncan family could be knocked down, and Terrell would certainly not dare to utter a word. Therefore, Jared had to rush to Encanta Island as soon as possible so as to stop any conflicts.

If possible, Jared would like to stop the spiritual energy from being revived. That way, those people from the secret realm would not dare to step out into the mundane world.

The order of the mundane world would remain as it was now. The next morning, Jared brought Verner, Flaxseed, and the others to the hall of the Zagorski family. “Mr. Chance, are you getting ready to leave?”

Austin knew that Jared planned to leave Norham. To that, Jared nodded. “That’s right. Thank you for your hospitality. We’ll take our leave now.” “Don’t mention it, Mr. Chance. Please feel free to come to Norham again. Norham will always welcome you,” assured Austin.

Jared smiled lightly and said, “Mr. Zagorski, you aren’t the only prestigious family in Norham. There’s actually another one called Demon Sect but they’re in the secret realm. That’s why you can’t see them. However, the entrance of the Demon Sect is located on the outskirts of Norham. I hope that you will not have any conflict with them if you ever bump into them. If Demon Sect ever plans to attack all of you, you can always give them my name. They won’t dare to do anything to you when you do.”

Jared decided to tell Austin the secret of Demon Sect so as to prevent a future fight between the two families.

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