The Mans Decree Chapter 1944

They had no idea that Jared’s Focus Technique was truly a superior technique. It could absorb and refine anything! It was a foolish idea for them to want to absorb Jared’s spiritual energy..

If they made a move against Jared, it was likely that Jared would be unable to retaliate. However, wanting to absorb his spiritual energy was like walking into a trap. “Quick… Retreat…”

Malphas was roaring maniacally. Even a spirit like him could feel his life force draining away. It felt as if he was about to be sucked in and refined by Jared.

Skylar and the others used all their might to try to break free. Cold sweats were pouring down their foreheads. When Flaxseed and the rest of them saw what was happening, they stared in disbelief.

The four Martial Arts Saints and one Greater Martial Arts Marquis were being toyed with by Jared during a critical moment of his cultivation. They were all panicking.

They had no idea that Jared was absorbing their aura at a tremendous speed. Skylar and the others tried to break free, but their palms stayed glued to Jared’s body. “What technique is this? This is despicable…” uttered Skylar in fear.

Malphas seemed to realize how formidable Jared’s Focus Technique was and quickly said, “Retract your power. Use brute strength to break free. Be quick…”

When Skylar and the others heard his command, they immediately retracted their spiritual energies and used pure strength to break free from Jared before retreating. The five of them looked at Jared in disbelief and confusion.


Just then, golden rays began to emit from Jared’s body. The terrifying aura continuously rose, and Jared’s body began to transform. It was as if his physical body was being refined.

In an instant, that terrifying aura shot up into the sky, illuminating the dark skies with a burst of blinding light! Boom…

The earth quaked, and the whole mountain started shaking. Initially, the jungle around them was burning, but after his aura exploded, the fire went out, and the entire mountain started to crumble!

Flaxseed and the others withstood Jared’s explosive aura. Seeing that the mountain was about to collapse, Flaxseed carried Verner and ran down the mountain with Austin and his son. They wanted to save Jared, but his aura was too horrifying. If they stayed there any longer, they might be crushed.

Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors leaped into the sky when they saw what was happening. The moment they did that, the entire mountain collapsed. Instantly, Jared was nowhere to be seen!

Skylar was reluctant to see Jared perish under the heaps of rocks. It was not Jared that he felt sorry for. It was the magical items and secrets that Jared had with him.

Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors fled all the way to the foot of the mountain. They looked up at the collapsing mountain and dust that filled the entire sky.

“Mr. Malphas, Jared must be buried underneath the rocks, right?” one of the Black Gold Robes asked Skylar. Skylar did not know what to say as he glanced at the heaps of rocks.

After all, it was a huge mountain. Even if it was a Martial Arts Saint being buried underneath, he could only accept his fate. A Martial Arts Saint was no immortal. There was no way he could get out once the rocks had collapsed on him.

If a Martial Arts Saint could not get out from the debris, neither could Jared. Malphas seemed to sense something and said, “Let’s get out of here. This mountain won’t be able to hold Jared for long.”

Earlier on, they lost quite a bit of their spiritual energy on Jared and had yet to regain their spiritual energy. If Jared really got out of the debris, they would be in trouble.

Skylar quickly fled with the four Black Gold Robes. In the midst of the settling dust, Jared could be seen emerging from the debris without a single bit of dust on him.

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