The Mans Decree Chapter 1943

“Get out of here if you don’t want to die. I’m only targeting Jared and don’t want to kill you.” Skylar didn’t want to fight Flaxseed and the others.

Flaxseed and Verner glanced at Jared, then exchanged a look, seemingly already made up their minds. Suddenly, Verner pulled out the Immortal Binding Rope and fiercely lashed it out.

The Immortal Binding Rope was a sacred martial arts relic. Needless to say, its power was extraordinary. Seeing that, Skylar leaped up, and the four men in black-gold robes instantly closed in..

One of them directly grabbed Verner’s Immortal Binding Rope and then brought down his hand on it, breaking the rope with a snap. Witnessing the Immortal Binding Rope being severed so easily, Verner was stunned.

While Verner was distracted, the black-gold- robed man struck Verner with a forceful punch, sending him flying hundreds of meters away like a kite with a broken string.

The two were not fighting on an equal footing due to their mismatched cultivation levels. There was a world of difference in abilities between a Greater Martial Arts Marquis and a Martial Arts Saint..

Even though Verner had a sacred martial arts relic, he might not be able to draw out the full strength of the weapon, which had the full potential of reaching the level of Martial Arts Saint. That was why the man in black-gold robes could effortlessly cut the Immortal Binding Rope and send Verner flying backward.

After seeing that, Flaxseed knew he couldn’t stop his enemies with his strength. Still, they couldn’t allow those people to lay their hands on Jared. Therefore, he took out a handful of charms, bit the tip of his tongue, and sprayed a mouthful of blood essence on the charms.

Those charms instantly ignited into roaring flames, which then transformed into a ten- meter-tall fire figure. The blazing humanoid immediately dashed toward those men in black-gold robes.

The scorching flames instantly raised the surrounding temperature, making breathing difficult for everyone present. However, the four men in black-gold robes seemed fearless as they simultaneously swung their fists.

An avalanche-like rumbling sound erupted as the ten-meter-tall fiery humanoid was instantly destroyed. Embers scattered and ignited the surrounding trees..

The frightening power didn’t disappear after smashing the flaming humanoid into smithereens. Instead, it penetrated its target and slammed heavily into Flaxseed.

Flaxseed’s body was instantly thrown out and crashed heavily to the ground. Colors drained from his face as he spewed a mouthful of blood. Shortly after, he removed a piece of charm from his chest with lingering fear washing over him.

If it weren’t for that life-saving charm, Flaxseed reckoned he would’ve died from the ferocious: attack earlier. Holding Kayson and taking in the scene before him, Austin didn’t dare to move.

He knew that even if he retaliated, his attempt would be futile. In the face of incredibly capable opponents, he had no choice but to resign to his fate..

The gap between a Greater Martial Arts Marquis and Martial Arts Saint was insurmountable. Furthermore, he had to deal with four Martial Arts Saint simultaneously. No clan in the entire Chanaea could withstand them, much less the Zagorski family from Norham.

“Hmph. You really thought you could stop us? What a joke.” Skylar flashed a contemptuous smile at the injured Flaxseed and the others. “Quit yapping and get moving. Jared is about to have a breakthrough,” the spirit within Skylar urged.

Skylar nodded. Then, together with the four Black Gold Robe warriors, he arrived before Jared and prepared to make his move. Unexpectedly, when they placed their hands on Jared’s body, intending to absorb his spiritual energy, a sudden humming sound reverberated.

A bizarre power emanated from Jared’s body. The power seemed to possess an immense suction force, instantly and rapidly absorbing the quintet’s spiritual energy. “W-What’s going on?”

Skylar panicked because he felt his aura depleting at an alarming rate instead of feeling Jared’s spiritual energy being absorbed. “Something’s wrong. This is bad.”

The four men in black-gold robes also lost their cool. They were all Martial Arts Saints, yet even they couldn’t stop the swift flow of their aura into Jared’s body.

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