The Mans Decree Chapter 1941

At that moment, Jared’s body was fiery red, as though he had been set on fire from the inside out. As an ear-piercing roar rang out, a terrifying aura enveloped the forest, causing the surrounding trees to topple over and the ground to shake.

The mountain was reduced to messy shambles in a split second, looking very much like a meteorite had struck and destroyed the area.

By then, everyone in the Zagorski residence was jolted awake and turned to look at the mountain in the near distance with shock. “What’s happening? Was it a meteorite?” Austin asked as he hastily got up, his face grim and ashen.

Everyone ran to the courtyard without further. ado and stared at the ball of fiery red light atop the mountain. “I-I see a human. The one emitting light from the summit is a human…” Kayson muttered.

Shocked, the crowd hurried to the backyard, only to see the well-built secret room reduced to rubble and ash. All of a sudden, Austin froze in his tracks. “Could that be Mr. Chance?”

At that moment, everyone felt a menacing aura gradually approaching them. Even though they were all Greater Martial Arts Marquises, their hearts couldn’t stop racing from the overwhelming anxiety.

“It’s Mr. Chance,” Verner replied, eyes widening in surprise. “I-It’s him…”

Flaxseed, on the other hand, remained unfazed. “Jared sure is extraordinary. Given his current abilities, I wouldn’t be surprised if he flattened an entire mountain.”

“Why did Mr. Chance go to that mountain, though? Kayson queried, eliciting a chuckle from Flaxseed. “If he didn’t do that, the Zagorski residence would’ve been obliterated!”

Only then did realization dawn upon Kayson. Ah! Mr. Chance was only trying to prevent his aura from destroying our house! “Come on. Let’s go take a look!” Flaxseed urged before making his way up the mountain.

Excited to witness how powerful Jared had become after consuming a divine pill, the rest of the crowd promptly followed behind. Meanwhile, Jared’s body glowed so brightly. that even his insides were illuminated. As the light continued to flicker, Jared’s aura, too, continued to grow.

In fact, he was trying his best to control the power in his body so it could increase gradually. If he had let it all out in one shot, the explosion would, without a doubt, raze the mountain to the ground. Worst of all, his body would also be severely injured from the sheer impact.

Nearby, Skylar gazed at the glowing spot and continued marching forward. “It’s right in front! This aura is frightening… For all we know, he has broken through the Greater Martial Arts Marquis level.”

Behind him, as it turned out, were four Black Gold Robe warriors! Initially, Skylar had planned to head to Encanta Island after convening with the Black Gold Robe warriors. If they managed to bump into Jared on the island, they’d kill him there and then.

Otherwise, he’d take the chance to eliminate everyone from the prestigious families. After all, the four Black Gold Robe warriors were unrivaled presences.

However, they had barely set off for Encanta Island when they noticed the bizarre occurrence near the mountains.

Needless to say, Skylar knew something was amiss. These sudden occurrences must be the result of Jared’s breakthrough! This unusual phenomenon, combined with the fact that he had recently created a divine pill, must mean he has consumed it!

After much pondering and getting the green light from Malphas, Skylar finally rushed toward the mountain with the Black Gold Robe warriors in tow.

One thing was for sure-they couldn’t let Jared level up further. If he were to go beyond Greater Martial Arts Marquis and achieve Martial Arts Saint, capturing him would become virtually impossible.

Before long, Skylar and his team arrived at their destination. However, upon seeing Jared with his eyes tightly shut and his body glowing red, Skylar began to panic.

The journey to Jared’s location alone had already taken a lot out of Skylar and the warriors, especially since they had to resist his. overwhelmingly strong aura every step of the way.

“As expected of the Golden Dragon’s True Form! Despite having directly consumed a divine pill, he can still suppress the burst of energy and level up bit by bit. Then again, I can’t believe he hasn’t assigned anyone to protect him during this crucial process. Ha! In that case, he can’t blame us for making our move…” Malphas said with a sneer.

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