The Mans Decree Chapter 1936

Jessica was worried about Flaxseed, so she followed them. “Mr. Chance, thank you so much!” Simon uttered in gratitude. “You don’t need to thank me. I’m also doing this for my sake. As for Demon Sect… I’ll leave you to it.”

With that said, Jared gave one glance at the Demon Sect members before heading off with Verner. What Simon was going to do with Demon Sect’s traitor was up to him. Jared neither planned to get involved nor did he want to get involved.

When they were back at the hotel, Jessica started carefully wiping away the blood by Flaxseed’s lips again. “Ms. Zimmerman, I’m going to treat Mr. Flaxseed now, so please leave the room for now,” Jared said to her.

With a nod, she left. Once she was gone, Jared patted Flaxseed’s shoulder and said, “All right, she’s outside now.” Flaxseed opened his eyes and he looked as if he was intoxicated. “She smelled so good, and she felt so soft…”

Jared sighed. “I thought you have turned over a new leaf, but you’re still the same.” Flaxseed had changed quite a bit after consuming Cathy’s golden elixir, and Jared thought he would undergo a full transformation.

“What do you mean I’m still the same? I really like her, and it’s not just because I want to shag her, Flaxseed solemnly said. “So you don’t care that someone has slept with her before?” Jared queried.

Flaxseed shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I’m old, and I’ve slept with plenty of people. All is fine as long as she’s fine with me.” “All right, then let me help you out. Lie back down.”

Jared then asked Flaxseed to lie down and close his eyes again. Once Jared recomposed himself, he exited the room and found Jessica waiting in the corridor. When she spotted Jared, she darted toward him.

“Mr. Chance, how is Mr. Flaxseed?” she asked. Jared sighed loudly before pursing his lips for a while. “The attack has badly damaged Mr. Flaxseed’s internal organs. I’m… I’m afraid…”

Jared’s hesitance made Jessica tense up. “Mr. Chance, you have to save Mr. Flaxseed no matter the cost. He only ended up like this because he was saving me! If you save him, I’ll do anything you ask me to do!”

Then, Jessica shifted to kneel before Jared. Jared hastily stopped Jessica and said, “Ms. Zimmerman, you don’t need to do that. It’s not as if Mr. Flaxseed can’t be saved, but I’ll need your cooperation in something.”

“My cooperation in something?” Jessica repeated. Jared stiffened before leaning closer to Jessica’s ear to whisper to her. By the time he was done, his face was bright red. In contrast, Jessica seemed calm.

“As long as I can save Mr. Flaxseed, I’ll do anything. I’m already a rotten apple, so what could I possibly still have fear for?” Once those words were out of her mouth, Jessica opened the room door and went inside.

A wave of complicated feelings washed over Jared as he watched her enter. He did not know if it was right of him to lie to Jessica, but he. guessed that Jessica was interested in Flaxseed with the way she responded to him.

Upon checking the time, he realized it was almost sunrise soon, so Jared went back to his room to rest. It was a tiring night, but when Jared lies on the bed, he soon heard the commotion coming from the other room.

Soon, he could hear Flaxseed and Jessica’s moans. Jared blinked in bewilderment. Even though he knew that their rooms were right next to each other, he never thought he would be able to hear the sounds from the other room so clearly.

Jared closed his eyes, but he could not fall asleep no matter what he did. Flaxseed and Jessica’s voices kept traveling into his ears. Even after dozens of minutes, they showed no signs of ceasing.

Jared shot upright on the bed, an exasperated expression on his face. He had essentially doomed himself to a sleepless night by helping Flaxseed out with his plan. In the end, Jared had no choice but to go to Verner for a chat instead.

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