The Mans Decree Chapter 1935

Patrick’s words rendered Flaxseed speechless. On the other hand, Jessica had a look of embarrassment on her face as she cursed at Patrick, “You animal! I dare you to kill me! Kill me!” “Mr. Chance, leave me. Kill him! Kill him…”

When Patrick exerted force onto his grip, Jessica’s words were cut off. “Move aside, Jared. As long as you let me go, I’ll spare her,” Patrick told him.

“I don’t think your mercy has much to do with me. She’s part of Demon Sect, and we only knew each other for a short period of time. We’re not even friends yet, so why should I let you go because of her?” Jared questioned, sneering.

Patrick froze when he registered Jared’s words, but he tightened his grip again. “I’m really going to kill her. I hope you consider the consequences of your actions-”

“Do it. Kill her, and I’ll kill you,” was Jared’s. response as he ambled toward Patrick. However, at the same time, Jared was giving Flaxseed a discreet look. Flaxseed immediately got his message and quietly went to Patrick’s side.

“Stop! Stop right there! Take another step forward, and I’ll kill her!” Patrick shouted as he started moving backward. Jared sneered, but he did not stop, and that made Patrick panic.

Patrick’s attention was fully on Jared, so he did not notice that Flaxseed was already by his side. Just as Patrick took another step back, a powerful gust of wind came from his side.

Flaxseed launched an attack. At that, Patrick instinctively shot out his palm at Flaxseed to block his attack. As Patrick had lost an arm, attacking meant letting go of Jessica. Jared took the opportunity to grab Jessica and pull her toward him.

Bam! Patrick’s palm collided against Flaxseed’s palm. Even though Patrick was hurt, he was still a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Hence, Flaxseed was no match for him.

In the next second, Flaxseed flew backward as blood gushed out of his mouth. Then, he crashed onto the ground. “Mr. Flaxseed!” Jessica cried out in concern before running toward him.

Patrick spun around and made to flee, but Jared attacked with Dragonslayer Sword, stabbing it through Patrick’s body. Thump! Patrick fell to the ground. He never managed to close his eyes before he died.

On the other side, Jessica was holding Flaxseed’s head as she kept wiping away the blood coming out from the corner of his lips. “Mr. Flaxseed, wake up! Wake up!” she cried out.

Flaxseed’s eyes remained closed, his head buried in her arms. The sweet scent of her wafted across his nose. Jared briefly looked at Flaxseed when he walked over, and a smile grew on his lips. “Mr. Chance, please check on Mr. Flaxseed, please!”

Jessica was asking Jared to treat Flaxseed. In the meantime, she ran over to Patrick, grabbed a knife, and started slicing up Patrick’s body. Blood sprayed in every direction, and she nearly minced Patrick’s body. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

On the other side, Jared woke Flaxseed with just a press on the latter’s wrist. The second Flaxseed opened his eyes, he began shooting. looks at Jared.

Once Jessica was done venting her anger, she walked back to them and anxiously asked, “Mr. Chance, how is Mr. Flaxseed?” Jared furrowed his brows and sighed. “Mr. Flaxseed is grievously injured. I need to take him back to the hotel to treat him.”

He then turned to Verner and said, “Verner, get some men to carry Mr. Flaxseed back to the hotel. I need to treat him.” Verner nodded and immediately ordered the Gingerich family’s men to bring Flaxseed out of the secret realm.

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