The Mans Decree Chapter 1934

With a flick of his hands, Jared flung. Dragonslayer Sword high up in the sky. Dragonslayer Sword spun in the air before. thrusting in Patrick’s direction.

Startled, Patrick hurriedly took a couple of steps back. The tornado, however, died down instantly after being struck by the golden light of Dragonslayer Sword.

Fearsome energy spread across the field like wildfire. Because of that, Jared was blown back time and again. Things were looking bad for Patrick nonetheless as he strived to contain Dragonslayer Sword and the sword spirit within it with his vines. Alas, all his vines were cut off by the razor- sharp light emitted by Dragonslayer Sword.

Boom! Dragonslayer Sword slashed Patrick mercilessly. Just like that, Patrick’s arm was chopped off. Crimson-red blood began oozing out as his aura withered away. Staring at his broken limb on the ground, he freaked out.

A voice of despair inundated him, dispelling. Spiritual Wood Spell altogether. He returned to his true form and went to his knees. “H-How… How is this even possible?” he mumbled to himself.

After all, he was a Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis, and he was standing on the ground of Demon Sect’s secret realm. Not only had he been blessed with the advantage of commanding the power of laws, but he had even resorted to Spiritual Wood Spell. Why did it still end up like this?

Patrick then shifted his line of sight to Jared in utter disbelief. Jared’s only a Greater Martial Arts Marquis in the middle phase. There’s no way he could’ve triumphed over me!

Once Dragonslayer Sword fell back into Jared’s hands, he raised the sword and pointed it at the devastated Patrick. “Show me what else you’ve got, or die if you’re already at your wits end!”

He was all ready to swing Dragonslayer Sword right at Patrick upon dropping those words. “Hold on!” Jessica suddenly stopped Jared. “Why, Ms. Zimmerman? You’re not going to plead on this jerk’s behalf, are you?” questioned Jared. Jessica shook her head. “No. I only want to know why he lied to me…”

As she spoke, she came face to face with Patrick, her eyes shining with rage. “You! You hurt me and ruined my life! Why must you do this to me?”

Patrick hung his head low. He dared not look the woman in the eye. All he did was slowly part his lips and voice, “I didn’t have a choice. Evil Heart Sect manipulated me. They poisoned me, and if I don’t do as they say, I’ll die at their hands!”

He made every effort to explain himself, hoping to win sympathy and survive the ordeal.

“I don’t want to hear any of that. You can betray Demon Sect all you want. But how could you treat me like this? Am I simply one of your playthings, one of your tools to vent your desires?” fumed Jessica.

She could never forgive the man for abusing her. “Of course, not! I love you from the bottom of my heart. You’re no toy of mine. You’ve got to believe me.”

Patrick shook his head fervently, trying to deny those claims. “You beast! I don’t believe you…”

Jessica was reduced to a sobbing mess, pounding away on Patrick’s chest without reprieve. Patrick merely remained motionless. He did not even bother resisting the woman. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled. While no one was paying him. any attention, he swiftly grabbed Jessica by the neck.

The latter froze momentarily at that. She tried to break free from the man’s grip but to no avail. Holding Jessica hostage, Patrick hollered, “Get out of the way, Jared! All of you, stand back!”

He was bending his mind to flee the Demon. Sect’s secret realm and run to Evil Heart Sect. Flaxseed, for one, became a nervous wreck upon catching sight of Jessica being held captive like that..

“You b*stard! If you dare lay a finger on her, I’ll tear you to pieces,” he bellowed. Patrick listened to the threat without batting an eyelash. Instead, he sneered, “You old, vile lecher! I know you have a thing for this woman. You’ve been eyeing up her long, slender legs, haven’t you? It’s a pity that’s all you can do while I’ve long had my fill of her. What right do you have to threaten me like this?”

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