The Mans Decree Chapter 1932

Hearing Flaxseed’s comment, everyone couldn’t help but laugh heartily, covering their mouths to muffle the sound. Even Simon, who had been anxious all the while, burst out laughing. “Are you showing how different you are? Is being a cuckold really that amazing?” Jared mocked.

Patrick’s face was contorted in anger. A muscle in his jaw twitched as he growled, “Laugh all you want. I’ll let you know how capable my Spiritual Wood Spell is!”

To everyone’s complete surprise, tiny green. sprouts had begun to sprout from the top of Patrick’s head. Thick, lush vines emerged and covered Patrick’s body entirely.

It seemed that Patrick had adorned himself with a vest made up of vines. His hands had turned into vines themselves, and they lunged  at Jared with lightning speed.

Shock flashed across Jared’s eyes when he saw Patrick’s transformation. Is Patrick a human? Or is he a tree demon in disguise? Jared was in a state of bewilderment when the vines slithered in and wrapped around him, swiftly lifting him off the ground and into the air.

Instantly, Jared struggled to free himself, but the vines tightened around him as though they wanted to strangle him to death! Patrick guffawed out loud. “Ha! Jared, I’m not a pushover.”

“Are you human or demon?” Jared was confused. How did Patrick become this creature? “I’m a human and also a demon. Are you scared now?” Patrick scoffed.

He had changed drastically. His former genteel appearance had been replaced by an unsightly visage. At the door, Jessica started retching when she recalled their intimate moments in the past.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect the man she loved to turn out to be a monstrous creature! “Scared? I’m never scared of anything. If you’re a demon, then I’ll be a demon slayer,” Jared announced.

Without warning, a brilliant golden light filled the air, and the powerful Dragonslayer Sword appeared out of thin air. With an almost graceful arc, it swung downward.

Its sharp energy was directed squarely toward the vines that had ensnared Jared.

Whoosh! The vines were sliced, and Jared crashed to the ground. He reached out to grab Dragonslayer Sword and directed a frosty glare in Patrick’s direction.

Patrick stared at Dragonslayer Sword in Jared’s hands. The vines that had been chopped down began to rapidly grow back as if the sword had never even touched them.

Abruptly, Patrick bellowed with a thunderous roar, his feet pounding the ground with a force that caused visible cracks to form in the earth beneath him. A seemingly never-ending sea of vines stretched up from the ground and surrounded Jared.

Each vine that surrounded Jared was incredibly strong. He quickly found himself being the target of the vines, whose intention was to whip him. They swooped through the air and came for him. Every vine was strong enough to rip a person’s body apart!

“Nine Shadows Godly Strike!” Jared declared as he swung Dragonslayer Sword out. In an instant, six Jareds materialized, all brandishing Dragonslayer Swords. They were identical in every way, right down to the last detail.

The six of them simultaneously swung the sword outward. The brilliant sword energy seemed to be alive, its glowing power soaring into the sky, aimed straight at the vines.

The vines were sliced into pieces and exploded when the collision occurred. Patrick froze in confusion when he saw six identical Jareds before him.

He had no idea that Jared was capable of achieving this feat. Initially, he assumed they were Jared’s shadow clones, but he quickly realized they were able to cause the same level of destruction.

After the light faded away, the ground was littered with broken pieces of vines. Jared’s face was grim as beads of sweat trickled down his forehead.

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