The Mans Decree Chapter 1930

“How did you have the energy to retaliate?” Patrick stared at Jared in surprise. Right then, anguished screams rang out behind him. Patrick slowly spun around to discover the sight he least expected to see. His loyal aides had been dealt a variety of injuries as a result of the vicious sword energy. The most severe casualty had been completely bisected.

Patrick’s trusted aides stared at him with a mixture of despair in their eyes. After much deliberation, they finally decided to break away from Demon Sect and follow Patrick. Alas, they had no idea this would happen to them.

Indeed, Jared’s sword energy caught Patrick by surprise. He had no idea that Jared was still powerful enough to cause harm to his own. loyal followers who were standing behind him.”

If he knew, he wouldn’t have swerved out of harm’s way and would instead stop the sword energy from hurting anyone.

Alas, it was too late now. Jared’s actions had irrevocably set in motion a tragic outcome for the trusted aides he had invested in. They were about to suffer a cruel and undeserved demise, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

These trusted followers were pawns that allowed Patrick to control Demon Sect. Now, he was faced with the daunting task of ruling the sect without the aid of these pawns, and he was uncertain of how many members of Demon Sect were still refusing to submit to his authority.

Slowly, Patrick turned over his shoulder to glare at Jared. Jared gave a disinterested smirk as his body radiated a golden hue that illuminated the entire Demon Sect.

The power of laws was undeniably strong, but Demon Sect’s secret realm was too small. Even though Patrick had the help of the power of laws, Jared’s physical body was more than capable of countering it.

After all, Jared could even resist the chaos dimension’s power. “Don’t look at me that way, You’ll be joining them shortly,” Jared said calmly.

“Jared, I’ve underestimated you. It turns out you can even resist the power of laws. I have not choice but to get serious this time,” Patrick snarled viciously.

His face twisted in anger as a murderous intent shone in his eyes. Obviously, he wanted Jared dead as he sensed that Jared was powerful enough to kill him!-

“Were you joking earlier?” Jared’s lips curled. “I’m sorry, but I was just warming up. Your subordinates were really weak, though.” “Hey!” Patrick fumed angrily for his trusted aides were Greater Martial Arts Marquis and higher-ups of Demon Sect.

The group had been completely caught off guard when Jared unexpectedly unleashed a wave of energy from his sword, leaving them all injured.

Jared was under the enormous pressure of the power of laws, so none of them knew he was still capable of fighting back. The sword energy’s target was Patrick, and no one knew he would dodge it.

As a result, Patrick’s trusted aides suffered varying degrees of injuries no thanks to Jared’s sword energy. “Jared, I call the shots in the secret realm with the help of the power of laws. I’ll make sure you pay the price for your arrogance!”

With that, Patrick disappeared in a flash. Jared furrowed his brow in frustration, his gaze darting from side to side in a vain attempt to spot Patrick.

Patrick moved at an incredible speed, making it impossible for Jared’s eyes and mind to keep up with his movements. Upon that realization, Jared shut his eyes and released his spiritual sense. Since I can’t see Patrick, I’ll use my spiritual sense to catch him!

Soon, Jared discovered Patrick was right. beside him and shot his fist out to punch Patrick. His fist was glowing brilliantly, and the entire dimension shook from its force. Despite his best efforts, Jared was not fast enough. His attempted punch came close but ultimately missed, as Patrick managed to dodge and deliver a blow to Jared’s left side.

Bam! Jared stumbled a few steps back from the force. Patrick, however, came to a stop and flashed an icy smirk.

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