The Mans Decree Chapter 1929

“Don’t destroy my hall. I’ll be waiting outside for you.” With that, Patrick placed his hands behind his back and slowly walked out. His trusted aides quickly went after him..

“What the f*ck? He’s so arrogant, huh? Let me teach him a lesson,” Verner snarled. He was unable to tamp down his anger at Patrick’s arrogance. “Verner, calm down. Let me handle this,” Jared assured him with a smile.

With Dragonslayer Sword, Jared need not fear anyone, not even a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. As everyone walked out of the hall, Flaxseed couldn’t help but sneak a look at Jessica..

He wanted to offer her some words of solace but had no idea what to say. Upon arrival at the courtyard, Jared and Patrick stood opposite each other. Patrick slowly lifted his arm and released a powerful aura.

Boom! Powerful gusts of energy emanated from him and swept toward Jared like a tsunami. An unexpected and intense tornado suddenly appeared, its powerful winds rattling the secret realm and shaking it to its very core.

The tiles on the ground cracked, and the houses rattled. It felt like the secret realm was about to crumble apart any minute. Sensing the terrifying power, everyone fled the scene and watched them quietly. “Indeed, a Greater Martial Arts Marquis is strong.”

Jared took in the destructive power as his brows furrowed up. Patrick chortled and revealed, “Ha! Jared, you’d be wrong if you think this is the extent of the power of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. This is a secret realm with its own laws, and I’m the lawmaker here.”

An endless stream of invisible energy surged out of the chaos dimension surrounding Jared and pressed down on him relentlessly. He felt as if he was being weighed down by a never- ending, powerful force. The tiles beneath Jared’s feet were crushed, and he could hear his bones creaking in his body.

Jared was late to realize how powerful Patrick was in the secret realm. It was as though he had the abilities of an arcane array master. After constructing an arcane array, his powers would grow significantly and he would even be able to modify it at any given time.

The secret realm wasn’t built by Patrick, but he had been here for years and knew the laws by heart. Jared’s expression slowly turned grim as his body started shaking.

Jared had every confidence that he could best Patrick in a fight, but now that his opponent had tapped into the mysterious power of the secret realm, it was a different story. He clenched his jaw tightly, desperately trying to keep it together.

Before long, Jared realized that the power he was feeling was oddly familiar to him. Back when he had to pass the chaos dimension, he had to grit his jaw and endure this very power!

This must be the power of laws. The bigger the secret realm is, the stronger the power of laws is! At the sight of Jared shaking uncontrollably under the pressure, Patrick let out a cold and disdainful snort. “It looks like the outside world was wrong about you. Why would anyone take a liking to someone like you?

I already told you that I won’t kill you. However, if you continue to meddle in Demon Sect’s business, I can easily get rid of you with a single wave of my hand.. The immense power will rip you apart in an instant!” He wanted to reconcile with Jared rather than intensify the dispute between them..

Tanner had set his sights on Jared’s body, so Patrick couldn’t lay a hand on him. Even if they were to right, Patrick had to be careful not to harm him. Thus, he didn’t want to get involved in a physical altercation.

Whether Jared decided to leave to try to save his girlfriend or start his journey to Encanta Island, there would be traps lying in wait for him. Thus, Patrick wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of him just yet, but he wanted him gone for now. Jared sneered, “The power of laws is nothing. I can still handle it.” With that, he let out a roar, and Dragonslayer Sword materialized in his hand!

The Dragonslayer Sword was unleashed in a powerful swing, causing the ground to tremble: beneath its might. Its lethal sword energy was sent hurtling toward Patrick with unerring accuracy, leaving no doubt of its intent to cause destruction. Seeing that, Patrick quickly swerved out of Jared’s way.

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