The Mans Decree Chapter 1927

They did not expect Patrick to be humping al woman right after he took over Demon Sect. Upon seeing them, Patrick was enraged and yelled, “Get out!”

His confidants immediately ran out of the room before exclaiming, “Mr. Sullivan, there’s bad news! Simon and Jared have broken in, and they have brought many people.”

Upon hearing that, Patrick froze momentarily. He jumped off the bed and yelled, “Who did you say it was?” “Jared! Jared Chance is here!” one of his. confidants replied. “That’s impossible! Jared should have been captured a long time ago! How is he here at Demon Sect?”

Patrick knew that Jared had taken the Cultivation Reversal Potion, and Skylar had gone to capture Jared, so he found it unbelievable that that man was here. “Mr. Sullivan, it’s really Jared. Also, he just killed one of our men,” one of Patrick’s confidants said anxiously.

Upon hearing his confidant’s words, Patrick had no choice but to believe it. He furrowed his brows. “That’s strange. Could it be that Jared didn’t take the Cultivation Reversal Potion?”

Thinking of that, Patrick glared at Jessica, who was lying on the bed. He became furious!

If Jared still has his cultivation and even shows up here, the only explanation is that Jessica has deceived us and didn’t give Jared the Cultivation Reversal Potion.

After glaring at Jessica, Patrick immediately led his men quickly toward the main hall.

Patrick had forgotten to activate his arcane array again before he left. Seeing that, Jessica quickly got dressed and struggled to get out of bed. Then, she left the room. Soon, Patrick arrived at the main hall.

When he saw Jared, his expression darkened. However, he put on his courteous pretense and said to Jared politely, “Mr. Chance, may I ask why you came to Demon Sect at such a late hour?”

Upon seeing that Patrick was still pretending at this point, Jared couldn’t help but scoff coldly. “Patrick, you worked with Astrid to deceive me and lure me here. What exactly are your intentions?” he asked flatly.

Patrick pretended to be aggrieved and questioned Jared, “Mr. Chance, what are your talking about? I sincerely wish to cooperate with you. Everything I told you was the truth. Didn’t I tell you about the ten-thousand-year herb and the area for spiritual energy recovery? How could you doubt my sincerity?”

Jared stared at Patrick’s pretentious demeanor, and the corners of his lips curled into a smile. “Patrick, what about Simon? I heard Demon Sect is merging with Evil Heart Sect. Everyone knows that they are backing Warriors Alliance, and you also understand my hatred against Evil Heart Sect. Moreover, my girlfriend is still in the hands of Evil Heart Sect. You promised that you would save my girlfriend.

Jared questioned Patrick. However, Patrick didn’t show any signs of nervousness with Jared’s questioning. Instead, he smiled calmly. “Mr. Chance, regarding the matter with Simon, that’s part of Demon Sect’s internal matters. Although we are working together, I have no obligations to tell you anything about this. This means you can’t intervene in my sect’s internal matters. The only reason I’m working with Evil Heart Sect is to save your girlfriend. Isn’t this good enough?”

Patrick was still trying to make up excuses! Jared did not expect Patrick to be so shameless and still trying to deceive him at this moment! Right then, Jessica walked into the main hall. She supported herself with one hand against the wall as she spoke with rage, “Patrick, you’re a two-faced b*stard. You made me poison Mr. Chance and sent people to get the ten- thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower. How dare you say this is all for the good of Mr. Chance?”

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